If you would like to model for me you have to be over the age of 18. A model release is also required to legally allow me the right to use your image. I have worked with models between the ages of 18 and 75 with varying degrees of shapes and sizes. Come join me on my  backpacking adventure around the world. Depending on where I am, you can join me for a few weeks and shoot with me in exotic locations and various settings in another country. Get your passport and lets figure out how, when, and where you can meet me!


Most all of my models are non-professionals and most have never posed nude before. Several whom have modeled for me recall the experience as liberating and often therapeutic. Some just want the chance to see themselves in an artistic atmosphere and I afford them that opportunity. Self-expression, curiosity, exploration, empowerment are some of the reasons I get for women who choose to model for me. Ask me about Private Commissions!


If by chance you have stumbled across my site, or heard about me somehow and would like to work with me, then I would appreciate your contact info, a short description of what you have in mind, and the means of how you came to hear of me. When I respond to you, I may ask a few more questions and request a recent photograph. The photograph does not have to be nude but clothes that are form fitting are preferred.


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