About Me

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin

I'm Terrell and this is my Art!

I am an artistic and documentary photographer, based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. HOWEVER, I am currently on a mission to backpack around the world shooting Landscape, Portraits, and Artistic Nudes. Follow my blog to see my present situation. 

As an Army Veteran, the mechanics of firing a weapon and a camera are essentially the same, so I naturally took to photography after my service. The majority of my art work is artistic nudes. I photograph what I like and, quite frankly, there is nothing more beautiful than the female form. There is not a sunset that has existed, nor a flower to bloom that can hold a candle to God’s creation of woman. Shooting portraits feels like I am photographing someone’s soul. And landscapes, for me, is a way to admire, capture, and display God’s handiwork for all to see. I enjoy photographing life. I’ve captured births, photographed death, and all that happens between those events. 

I am also available for commission work. If you have a special project in mind for me to shoot, ask me about my commission work.


My Approach & Values

Opportunities present themselves everywhere. I don’t need many special preparations to create the perfect shot. I like to take life as it is and make the most of it. I don’t seek to change it in order to make a better picture. The object of the game is storytelling. My adventures take me to unique places and I chose to share it with you in this space.

My Nude work has been special to me. I have been shooting since November 2005 and my style, tastes, and range has evolved over time. Some of my work is classical, in the way that many describe as “tasteful”. But I do not limit myself to that label. I shoot the nude… the whole nude. All of it. That implies explicit images not meant for a younger audience or for those of different moral values. As for me, I see my values as wholesome, just as I do the human body.  

My Experience

  • Student of Photography since 2005
  • Worked professionally since 2009
  • Experience with both private and commercial clients

My Education

  • BBA, Austin Peay State University, 2005
  • MBA, Murray State University, 2007
  • MS, Murray State University, 2008

Five Facts About Me:
1. I used to be a pro model, as well as an art nude model for local universities and art organizations.
2. I spent 10 years in the Army serving in Germany, Korea, and two tours with the 101st Airborne. “Rangers Lead the Way!”
3. I’ve got two Master’s degrees… an MBA and an MS in Telecommunications.
4. I’m an avid Bible scholar, especially concerning Eschatology.
5. I’m a country boy from Texas, so I love the outdoors. If you can’t reach me, chances are it is because there’s no signal where I am! I’ll get an assistant before long to take calls and bookings, but until then, email me.  BTW, Going on a Safari… big vacation? Need a shooter…?

Okay a couple more…
I’m constantly reading… love hippies… have 2 grandkids… might welcome a good fight… like to eat Italian and Mediterranean. Oh, and I love movies.

Let’s make something amazing together

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