A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Hi. I’m Terrell. And this is the new Photo Anthems Blog platform. For 17 years, I have used Google’s Blogger for posting all my work, but I’ve opted for a bit more independence AND I wanted one central website that combined the elements of my gallery as well as my blog. And this is it!

I have remade PhotoAnthems.com from scratch and imported my blog onto it. But I must say… this has been quite the challenge. I made my last blog post at the end of November last year with the intent on taking a few weeks to build the new website. But I ran into a problem. I’ve been unsure of what I wanted my website to be, say, or do! It’s different from my old site that I ran while still in the US providing professional photography services, in addition to selling my art.

For the past 6 years, I’ve been traveling around the world. I do not have a studio or an armory of camera gear anymore. I can’t carry much gear!  And I don’t provide the same services anymore. And Covid changed in industry in some big ways, too. 

Nonetheless, the question still remains: What do I want this site to be, say, and do? Well, I’m still figuring that out. In the meantime, I decided to go ahead and just make construct this thing in it’s base form with nothing but the essentials: Intro bio, galleries, etc. This site will evolve more throughout the year. MUCH has changed during this travel excursion. Right now, I’ve left Vietnam! Yes, after FOUR years, I finally departed from my Home Away from Home. I’m currently sitting tight in Bali contemplating my next stops, goals, and travel adventures. 

Aside from a minor traffic accident (getting hit by a motorbike), I’m fine and doing well. I never knew you could dislocate a nerve! But I found out about three weeks ago. My peroneal nerve in my left knee was knocked out of it’s proper groove and the pain can be quite excruciating. I was down for about a week and still have a little weakness, but I’m working on that. 

How’s my shoulder, you ask? Well, last month completed my 12-month period or rehabilitation and I am doing excellent. I feel strong and I’ve put it to the test a few times. I just increased my training and I’m almost at 80 push-ups non-stop. However, there’s always something. A while back I had a few procedures on my back and I may have to revisit that again. Sciatic issues, mainly. 

I’ll cover my travel plans for this year soon, as I get back to blogging. And I’ll slowly add more features to my website: newsletter subscriptions, SEO and image tagging, add categories, new galleries, new images, and a plethora of other additions that help me tell a story and create a a fascinating user experience for you, the viewer and supporter of my content. Please let me know if something doesn’t show up right (particularly on cell phones) or if you notice I’m missing something.