I have given some more thought to the resources that I try to provide for models who pose for me, as well as anyone even wanting to give thought to the idea. In my Model Resources section, I believe I have a valuable collection of materials that models can take advantage of. I have been fortunate to have people trust me enough to take off their clothes and allow me to photograph them. I have done my best to never take that trust for granted. What is unfortunate is the experiences of some models whom have misplaced this trust which resulted in some unpleasant experiences.

Aside from bad experiences, this is an endeavor that should not be taken lightly. With a healthy application of wisdom, the experience can prove beneficial. I ask my models to fill out an evaluation form after modeling with me for the first time. I ask questions as to why they choose to model, what the experience was like, as well as how they felt afterwards. Many reasons are given as to why either of them choose to pose, but several seem to agree that the experience has been liberating and gives a dramatic boost to confidence levels. As any woman can attest, an increase in confidence alone is well worth the experience.

I try to make the experience fun and enjoyable, but I warn that there is work involved. Whether under hot lights in a studio or hiking trails in the wilderness, this is not a sit pretty and smile sort of affair. I have a project in mind with specific objectives, but I always like to bring in the model’s perspective to the equation. This collaboration is what produces the best work. I don’t believe the model is a prop used to create an artist’s vision, but rather an integral and necessary partner who helps to create a permanent artistic expression. I have done the same project with different models and the resulting outcomes are no where near similar. I can be verbose at times and do not want to make this a voluminous ordeal, so I will add more on the subject later. Main point…Models or would be models, do your homework. Check out my links.

Included are warnings from 3 photogs that give guidance on what to do if you are considering modeling. There are two articles which detail experiences of first-time models. Also included are tools for getting into becoming and art model, as well as online model portfolio sites that showcase galleries for you. As always, I am available for questions. I have added some of my portraiture studies to this entry.