Several times now, I have had first-time models ask me about poses. In particular, I have been asked whether or not there is some book, web site, or something that gives examples on poses used by artist’s models. I have a few links in my MODEL’S RESOUCE section of this blog, but I hadnt really come across much that is specifically made for models who pose for artists.

I mentioned on my website that I’d be looking for webpages that could give some examples on poses for models. Well, I got to thinking about one artist who’s work I followed initially when I started shooting nudes. San Francisco Nudes artist Doug Wade has his site structured perfectly just for this. There are rows of models to choose from and each one has rows of simple, classic poses. So from this point forward, I am recommending models check out his site.

He uses redundant poses for many of the models he shoots. Many of his studio pics start out with full images on a white background and as you scroll down, he will go into a black background shot with a single light source, or he may use two for rim lighting. Either way, he still takes the model through a series of poses that are a good start at least to learn.

In a studio, just to help a model relax when shooting for the first time, I will normally take my models through a series of poses starting from prone position, working my way up to sitting, kneeling and then standing. These are some of the series of positions I would use when I used to pose as a figure model for art classes, fellow students, or for the local art guild. Its been a few months now since I have done that, but I traditionally demonstrate a variety of poses for each of these positions. I might illustrate 3 or 4 poses each in the prone, sitting, kneeling and finally standing. Once the model is comfortable, I can let her use her own creativity and I shoot what she gives me. So unless, I have a specific objective, these are what I would direct an inexperienced model to do during a first shoot. What are you looking for new pics? Well, check out my site…

If you are interested this is Doug Wade’s blog address: If anyone comes up with some web sites featuring model poses, I’ll be happy to post them on my page.