Tiger Woods won another major. Is anyone surprised? I’m not even into golf, but dang! Anyway, this hasn’t turned into a golf blog, so let me just get to the important stuff. I have made some changes to my site, two in particular. First, I have uploaded direct links within my site whereas I didn’t have those before. I have added a link page for models as well as a links page of some of my favorite sites I visit. I could add several more as I spend a lot of time searching through webpages and frequently visit the pages of several artists on a daily basis. One of which is Michael Barnes’ Art Nudes Blog, which my site was featured on last month on the 25th. More than likely you now know about my site because of his blog.

The second thing is that I am not going to do a newsletter. I think I will just stick to my blog for the time being. Readers can subscribe to my blog and be updated as I make changes. I wanted to do a newsletter initially and have it automated using Listserv, but I think this blog can do what I want for the most part. I still have to figure some stuff out on it, like optimizing my use of Feedburner. I am most positive I am not using this tool to its fullest but I will get it figured out. I’d like it to email my subscribers as to new updates, but I think I have it set up as an option for subscribers to already do that if they so choose. I am learning more everyday and I am sure I will be at it for a while. So thats a no-go on the newsletter. For now, I’m a blogger.

Here are a few of some more non-nude images I do. In addition to rocks and trees, I like to shoot trains. The odd monstrosity you see is the inside of the train also depicted. Its the boiler taken in a most ominous perspective. Most people have no idea what they are looking at or can even imagine it has anything to do with a train, but yep, thats what it is. This train is on display in Paducah, Ky along the river walk. The tracks are actually taken near Paris, Tn, almost 60 miles away.