Its taken me an extra day to get this blog entry done, but I want to direct your attention to this blog: Univers d’Artistes, run by Chris out of France, who noticed my work when my site was featured on Art Nudes Blog by Michael Barnes about a month ago on July 25th. Chris made a nice comment about my work on his site. I contacted him and through this exchange he also featured my site on his blog along with a full interveiw. If you view his blog, you’ll see a collection of work that you will indeed want to take an interest in. So let me take a moment to thank Chris for this site feature AND for selecting such incredible work to highlight and promote. That’s by no means a boast on my part. I speak directly to the other aritstic photowork that is sure to grab your attention and make you spend some time in observation. In addition to that you can spend a moment coursing through the margins and checking out the plethora of link resources that he has added for your benefit. The man deserves our applause!

Secondly, while I am dispensing praise, I also want to appreciate someone who works on the opposite end of the lens, and that’s model Iris Dassault. You can check out her website with the previous link, but here is her blog as well. Iris recently added me to her list of reputable blogs links, which was a pleasant surprise. I have never worked with Iris, nor have I met her. We had a brief exchange of emails at one point and that was it. The reason I have her as a link on my blog is because of the insight she gives from the model’s perspective. She has done work with several great photographers such as Dave Rudin and Jim Young . She is beautiful from the inside and out. I can say that even though I have never met her because her words qualify that beauty from within. Check out her blog and you will see the facts that I am referencing. I like what she has to say and can fully respect and admire her choice to model less often with only a select few photographers even though she could easily choose to make more money from the demand for her services. You have to respect that. You’ve just got to. This is why I now refer potential models to her blog and website so they might have a good idea from an experienced model’s perspective on how this is done and what is truly important. If you have not visited her site…stop what you are doing right now and click the links! So thanks again, Iris.

I have included a couple of images done this past May with a lovely model in the woods of Land Between the Lakes and surrounding areas of Kentucky. You will be seeing more of her on my next few posts. Enjoy!