I figure I must be doing something good. I really appreciate all the traffic, comments, and questions about my site and blog. I’ve received exposure from Art Nudes, Univers d’Artistes, Iris Dassault, and now afuckaday. Yeah, afuckaday…don’t trip. There’s no sex on this site, its just more quality work by someone who appreciates promoting other photographers, models and note-worthy blogs. This site belongs to rob, whom I contacted about showcasing my work. From my recent success, I have been looking to do the same with more sites like his. I try to collaborate with other blogs and sites of interest that I feel is consistent with what I do and presents a quality standard that I can appreciate and respect. Its been a great way to let more people see my artwork and I in turn also will let my readers and viewers know about their work. I am always happy to return a favor.

I also plan on addressing some questions that have been asked of me in my next few entries. I have noticed some photogs do a FAQ page on their sites such as this excellent one by Looknsee’s FAQ. That may be a best practice that I try to emulate later on, but for now, I think I will just take on repetitive individual questions and see how it goes. Mainly I have been getting questions referring to how I get my models, what kind of model I prefer and other photography works I identify with. Some questions about commissions and model experience, I can answer easily enough, but I mainly refer them to my website which already has those answers. Rest assured, I will post a blog entry to address the modeling questions soon.

In the meantime, you can also get some good information from my list of links and resources. Visit my site and check back on my blog for updates. I appreciate everyone’s interest in my work and I thank you for the comments. As always, feel free to contact me about questions you may have regarding my work, about me, or to debate whether or not Dark Matter truly exists. I saw that on the Discovery Channel the other day. It was really interesting…. really, it was!