I mentioned some goals I had in the interview with Chris on his blog Univers d’Artistes. It detailed visiting some of the most notable landscapes in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. My goal is to complete shooting in several of the National Parks and other places of interest that appeal to me. I have started this endeavor with the closest locations, beginning with Valley of Fire in Nevada since its less than 50 miles from me.

I have learned that this is a difficult place to shoot during the summer. I have photographed here before, but it was in March of 2006. The summer temperatures are exceedingly hot, but what else would anyone expect in a desert. My main issue was the intensity of the sun at so early in the morning. Sunrise is at 6. By 8am, I had to consider concluding the session out of concern for my model’s pale skin. (I’ve always hated the end of a shoot). Coming from Tennessee and Kentucky, I am not used to the harsh lighting so early in the morning. As soon as it crests the horizon, its almost unbearable. I may limit my time to sunsets but by the time it cools off you are losing your light.

I just did this shoot with a new model, whom I met randomly while shopping. She had an interesting tattoo around her neck and her expressive nature caught my attention. We had a difficult time arranging schedules so the shoot took some time to coordinate. I did not have any particular goal for this shoot. It was more of an introductory session but I’d like to work with her some more with a specific objective in mind. Many photogs dont want to work with models with tattoos. Thats not me. I’ll do them with gladness and would like to conduct a special project showcasing models with interesting tattoos. I’ll have these images posted to a new gallery on my website by the end of the week, so be sure to check it out. Feedback is always appreciated.

I will go through these latest images over the next week to edit before I post anymore of them. Anyone who knows of beautiful and interesting places to shoot in the states I mentioned should comment on this post. At present, I want to do one more shoot in the Valley of Fire using a model of a slightly different shape. I have done both the small petite as well as someone tall. I’d like to bring in someone of a voluptuous shape that will work well with the surrounding rocks. Next, I plan on working Zion National Park including the Narrows which was suggested, even though the site says 60% of it is hiking through water. So I will be searching out a model who doesn’t mind camping out over a weekend.