I finally got these images edited. Sorry it took so long. This is another shoot in the Valley of Fire in Nevada. Natalie was a superb model for her first time out. This was an early morning shoot but we had to start wrapping things up by 8:30am. The heat was just like an oven even that early in the morning. We started out just before the 6 am sunrise. By nine or so we were on the road back. I can tell you for sure, Natalie is a real trooper. I am still getting used to shooting in the desert heat with the harsh morning sun. Several shots had the highlights blown out, but I was able to save many of them. If anyone has some tips on shooting in these conditions, make a comment. When I do it again, I will try it with a neutral density filter on my lens to see how that might make some adjustments. I may need to simply wait til the seasons are more favorable for photography out there. I still want to do one more shoot here with a model of a different body type.

It was a great pleasure to shoot Natalie. As always things started slow, as it normally does when I shoot a new model. This was more of a free for all session. I didnt have a specific concept in mind. Natalie gave me the idea when she made a suggestion about doing our second interview. Normally, I will interview twice before a shoot. In this case, our schedules simply didn’t allow this so for the sake of time, we just went for it to see what we could get. When we got further into the shoot and ideas began to flow, I found myself already making plans for another shoot with her since I knew our remaining time was getting short. As I mentioned in a previous post, many photogs will not or at least prefer not to shoot models with tattoos. Natalie has several prominent tats, most notably the one around her neck. I love it and plan on another shoot which uses her tats as my central theme. Natalie has several attributes that make me want to shoot her again. One is her great attitude. She came willing to work and was open to trying anything. It was great fun. You can visit my website for more images of Natalie.