This is just a quick update….

If you have signed on as a customer for my website, I have taken the liberty of switching you over to my blog email update notification system. You will get a confirmation email to complete the process at which point you will be added to the my blog list. I chose not to do newsletters by which I would let everyone know of updates and new information from my website. At any time you choose, you can always UNSUBSCRIBE and just visit my blog when you want. I just think this is much easier to work with than using a newsletter. I also enjoy the blogging process more. You are still listed as a customer on my site which affords you the opportunity to use the lightbox feature as well as the ability to have a private gallery assigned to your log-in name. So click the confirmation link to recieved the email notifications or if you so choose, just disregard the email all together. In the meantime, stay tuned for my next entry. I had a good day today. I got to spend almost an entire morning with a noted and celebrated photog. Stay tuned!