This is probably the longest to date I have gone without posting. I blame it on a paper for a telecommunications class I had to write. Its gonna get worse, but I’ll try to keep up with my postings for a least a two times a week update. Anyhoo, I have been scouting my butt off for potential photo sites. I have made my third trip to Zion Nation Park in Utah, which is about 2 hrs away from me. Last weekend, the 15th, I hiked the Emerald Pools trails. I liked them, but I have found that right now is not the best of time to shoot. Its a way too public place as everyone does those trails. I still had to see it so it wasnt a wasted trip. In fact, I am certain, I could get some shots in if I hit them early in the morning. The upper pool was the best place to shoot if you’re going to attempt it.

This past weekend, the 23rd, I did Angels Landing. My initial goal was Taylor Creek Trail out at Kolob Canyons, but the rain had made the trails nasty, so we opted to turn around and head back towards the main entrance. Angels Landing kicked my butt and then some. Its about 4 miles round trip, but the ascent is ridiculous. It zig-zags straight up about 1500 feet before you even get to Angels Landing. If you can picture a mountain with the sides sheered off leaving a narrow strip that leads up to the top and rounds out to the other side…thats Angels Landing. I know the pic does it no justice but it gives you an idea. I will post some more pics of the trip later in the week. My girlfriend went with me this time after she got tired of me hitting the road without her so much. Ironically enough, her name is Angel. We joked that we didnt want the trail name to have any new meanings!

On another note, I have still been getting inquires about Trisha, but I have also gotten a few about this girl in the water. Many like her vivaciousness. Someone said the photo was refreshing! This was done with a friend I dont have much contact with anymore, so I probably wont have any more pics of her in the near future, but who knows. If I get the chance to shoot her again, rest assured I will. I didn’t get many good shots with her. I did maybe two rolls with her for a spontaneous shoot. I guess you can tell by looking at her that she’d be like that. In the meantime, I will try to get word to her that she’s been reqested and see if we can make it happen. See, I try to accomodate.