September didn’t turn out like I had hoped. Two models, I had conversations with and interviews backed out and I didn’t get to shoot anybody. My plans for outdoor shoots are about to end pretty soon when it gets cold. So my scouting trips may have to go on the back-burner til spring. Regardless, I will keep shooting though it may be more landscape and portraiture than nudes, but we will see. These things happen when you use amateur models, but thats okay. My business background has conditioned me to allow for shortages and mishaps. These are costs of doing business. So far business has been good, so I am okay.

I hope my would-be models get a look at this post and know that its all good. I am certain most photogs who use predominately amateurs understand that these things happen and for one reason or another models have to reconsider their commitments. I definately defend my use of the amateur. I love the initial shoot where the amateur seems to awaken for that first time in the lens of my camera. When I look through my viewfinder and release the shutter to capture that first image, I can see a dramatic difference between that moment and the last time my shutter actuates. I get to see a moment of courage triumph over fear AND that initial hesitancy from the realization that they are about to take a step into another realm of expression…the nude. In most cases, even models who are comfortable with their bodies experience that realization that they are about to reveal all to someone they really don’t know very well, whom they trust to present them artistically and gracefully to the world. So even despite being slightly disappointed in not getting to shoot, let me take a moment to thank “the girl in the bookstore” in particular for at least being courageous enough to consider taking that step with me; and I thank all the amateur models who have worked with me for helping me present my dream works to everyone with an IP address.

In fact, these posted images are two of my first projects doing nudes. So here you get to check out Terrell in the beginning. Have I improved much? I certainly hope so. I wish I had the opportunity to shoot these women again just so they can get a much better quality of work than what they got from me at the time. Again, who knows.