First, let me give proper dues to Imagens for featuring me on their blog today. This is one classy site that gives tribute to photographers and thier work. You can see some of the sites and blogs of better know photogs and chances are you will find a link to Imagens. So check them out and you will see why that is.

Ironically enough, I was breezing through one of the sites I check most every day. Univers d’Artistes did an interview with Marcus J Ranum that talked about the use of models vs non-models the VERY DAY AFTER I do my tribute “To the Amateur”. (Go ahead, click the link and check it out. I’ll wait…..) Model vs. Non-models…Professional model vs. Amateur model = Same thing. In one sense we have opposing views, but then in another I agree on most of his points. I at the very least understand where he is coming from. There are definitely pros and cons in either case. He points out the fact that is just easier to use pros in that he can be choosy and that, for whatever reason, he hates asking non-models to pose for him.

Well, I can agree with several points he brings out. I know that there are specific shoots that could really be complemented by the aid of a professional model. When I have an idea and need a specific personality, body shape, or style, I could easily go to or and basically shop. A photog or aspiring model can for sure learn a thing to two from Iris Dassault, who’s blog I still direct my models to visit. You just can’t beat the expertise of a pro. Her value is to beneficial to ignore. I am also a fan of Abigail Stewart.

On the other hand, I mention why I like amateurs when I can use them in the post just before this one. In addition to that, I think experiences have much to do with this. Marcus mentions hating to ask an amateur to model. Why that is, one can only speculate. Personally, I find it easy for me to do and I have gotten great results, so I continue it. In addition, I can identify with the amateur, because I have been there myself and have developed a special affinity for those that do this (both pro and non-pro). I have dropped trow and stood before a class of artists for 30 minutes at a time as well as posed for photo peers. Thats not the easiest of work, mentally or physically. So I guess I have developed a high respect for figure models and even moreso for that person who can decide to do this on a whim as a first time experience or for the sole purpose of helping out an aspiring photog. Again, thanks Imagens!