See if you can relate…Have you ever been in church and it felt like the preacher was speaking DIRECTLY to you…you know, that feeling of guilt that fits like a plug in your throat? Well, that’s the way I felt when I visited my buddy Chris’ site at Univers d’Artistes and read his post on Titles, (he should get a kick out of this). Chris is dedicate to his art, people as well as supporting other artists. There’s no getting around that. Well damn it, if the man says we need to title our work then we need to title our work! He spoke to me on this once before and while I attempted to heed his suggestion, I’ve gotten wrapped up into…well, I was just about to make an excuse when the fact of the matter is that when I agreed he was right I fell back into my nasty ways. This is my second time being spanked as a blogger. The first time was by Eolake Stobblehouse from Domai. It’s good to know someone cares about me.

I think part of it is the fact that I still work with the other side of my brain and when I mix them up, I get art that needs to be categorized, annotated and organized in a way that I can find it. I do a lot of series work, SERIES…not SERIOUS, (well I do serious work, but that’s not my point right now). I can name one image in a set that I like best or I can title a set, such as the photobook I am doing “Elizabeth in Series”, coming to a blog near you! I just have trouble naming every single image out of a shot of hundreds…other than “Elizabeth in Series 003”. What I need is some photo management software, to where I can categorize them, by image type, series name, and then number in a series. ie… L -Utah 103, for Landscape image of Utah number 103, but then still attach a specific title to it. So each image would have a title and a file name. I am good with MS Access as an option and I have heard of Photobyte. Suggestions?

Also, another site I frequent LooknSee, sent out emails asking for help on reorganizing his site and updating his equipment. If you didn’t get an email he is asking for recommendations as to what he could do to improve his site such as, another HTML editing software (he uses Frontpage right now), things he should keep on the site or dump from it, as well as suggestions on his images, choice of models, etc. This guy has been around for a while and when a fellow artist reaches out to his peers to seek help then, by all that is right, artists should help. He takes donations to keep his work up and running. I have already spoken recently on donating and I invite you to help contribute to the upkeep of his site. Every bit helps. Here is the link to his survey form page. You can also use this link here to donate. Much obliged!