During the month of October, I reviewed a book on this blog by Sarah R. Phillips, “Modeling Life…”. I was familiar with every issue, concern, and aspect of modeling that she brought up because I have been an art model myself. I mentioned she covered male models dealing with erections, but I did not elaborate as to HOW they dealt with them. Since then I have received a lot of questions regarding men who want to know how to deal with this issue should it arise, (no pun intended). Soooo, I think it may be a blog worthy topic to cover. Bear with me here. I hope my mom doesn’t see this.

Okay, first there are birds. Then you have bees. Suddenly, an errant thought crosses your mind. What happens? You’ll get an erection despite the fact that you are naked in front of a mass of people and a woody is not a desired outcome. Sex stats say men think about sex 70% of the time during the course of a day, so laws of probability say its likely to happen if you model at some point during your career. It won’t happen too often because posing is not a sex thing. You are mainly concerned with not moving a muscle, the ache that’s in your neck and shoulders, and the fact that you KNOW 20 minutes MUST have elapsed by now.

If it does happen, its probably gonna be when you are in a comfortable position and relaxed. For me, I would try to position myself at some angle whereby I would be facing one of the studio lights. If I even thought for a second that an erection might be coming on, I’d blind myself with the lights. Was that smart? Maybe not, but to not pop a boner in a class was worth the temporary blindness. If for whatever reason, that didn’t work, I begin a thought changing process. Two thoughts that worked for me was 1.) puppies in a bag floating in a river…look don’t hate! I love dogs which is why it tended to be effective. There are 3 boxers running around my house right now; 2.) imagining what my grandmother would do if she walked in on me right at that instant. In all of my days getting naked, each of those things failed to work on 4 occasions. In 2 of those instances, I faked a cramp. On the third one, I didn’t break the pose because only one girl had full view, which was why it happened to begin with. She was 2 feet away from the platform sitting on the floor while my legs where open. We both whispered apologies to each other and acted like all was normal so everyone else was none the wise. The forth one happened when I fell asleep. There ain’t nothing you can do about that one. Play Nightmare on Elm Street and “Don’t fall asleep!”

Well, I hope that helps. Its brief, but effective, I think. I thought I’d throw in some more fun pics from Colorado. They all have titles too. Tune in next time when I cover female issues… To shave or not to shave!