There are several things I could cover tonight, but I need to limit it. “Shave or Not to Shave” will have to wait one more entry as I plan to cover some different things here tonight. I have also elected to bring back some of my landscape artwork for the next few posts as well.

Today was my first meeting of the Las Vegas Art Model’s Group. I didn’t have the turnout that was signed up, which was disappointing, but in a way, I was also relieved. The venue I selected could not have accommodated the seating arrangements had everyone who RSVP’d showed up. At the time I selected the venue, I only had 6 or 7 people in the entire group. Well, it ballooned to over 30 within the next week. This was more of a discussion meeting than a group session. So nobody brought easels, cameras, or paint. This was for brainstorming purposes in which case I utilized the opportunity to introduce myself, cover some basics about the group, and solicit suggestions and input from the members.

I plan to grow this group not only in size but also in influence. When you think of the art community in Vegas, you’ll think of the Las Vegas Art Model’s Group first. I want this to be the “IT” group if you move here and want to make an impact in the local art world. Several group members made outstanding suggestions and we have some valuable contacts to help us get started. I am thinking I may have to run a second blog as well. If this thing goes as I hope, it will not be serving to my current readers (especially overseas) to discuss the non-relevant happenings of the Art Model’s Group when they have nothing to do with Vegas. By the first of the year, I will consider publishing a new blog for the LVAMG.

On another note, I just received in the mail the DVD of which I have been searching. Again, I want to give a special thanks to Peter J. Crowley for putting me in contact with Julie Gliniany of NW Documentary, the company which produced the DVD. I have not viewed it yet, but I plan to watch it tomorrow or the next day and then begin my review of it there after. For any new readers who may not have read these specific posts, this DVD is titled, “Eloquent Nude: The Love and Legacy of Edward Weston and Charis Wilson“. I am particularly enthralled about this DVD for two reasons. First, I have been a big time fan of Edward Weston. I have not searched out why I identify with his style of photography, but I just know I relate to it. For some reason, I have a sincere appreciation for his methods and techniques. Maybe sometime I will do some self-imposed psychoanalytic inner reflection on why I like it, but its kind of like asking why I like cheesecake? Because it tastes like cheesecake, I guess.
The second reason I was thrilled to find out about this DVD is for the relationship between he and his muse, Charis Wilson. I have had the most affinity for the work of photographers who photograph their own wives. Edward traveled the country side shooting Charis everywhere and anywhere. I recently posted an entry on The Artist’s Wife which outlined a NY Times article titled “The Artist’s Wife: The Muse Who Never Said No“, referencing Eleanor Callahan, the wife of the late photographer Harry Callahan. One thing that made this article so rich to me was the focal point on Eleanor who is 91 at the point of this interview. She was married to Harry for 63 years.