Whew…its been 10 days since my last post. Sorry about that. Things got a bit hectic for a while, but big claps to me as I just finished my second Masters degree as of today. I’ve been in school the last two years doing 2 programs for a MBA and a Masters of Science in Telecommunication Systems Management, along with 4 semesters of photography . The TSM degree is the one I just now completed and am now done with school for a while. Two graduate degrees and I am STILL hunting for a job.

I say that I am done with school for a while, but actually, I am planning to take some more courses in Photoshop, hopefully in January. I could use the added wisdom to help edit my photos, in particular with layers, curves, and histograms. I do not plan to do much in terms of special graphics, but I’d rather, for now learn how to better enhance my photos as they are. I may later explore some work with other types of digital manipulations as I did with alternative darkroom manipulations using film.

Since I am done with school, I am trying to get back to working with models and getting some more shoots lined up. I haven’t been able to talk to potential models as much as I normally used to. The challenge is to be able to work with models since its gotten cold here in Vegas. I’ll have to do more indoor environmental shoots instead of working with the great outdoors, but I’d still like to use natural lighting as much as possible. I meet with a potential muse early next week to discuss some possibilities. I am kind of excited about this one because I was searching specifically for someone who could be available for me to shoot on an ongoing basis, even on short notices. Ever wake up to a lovely day, with beautiful clouds and just think to yourself that if only you could find someone to take off their clothes and let you photograph them? Well, that’s what this interview is for. Sometimes you just get a spontaneous moment and want to shoot and there is no time to hunt for a new model, coordinate schedules for two weeks out, and put together a concept. No, sometimes I do not need a concept…just a naked female with a good attitude. I don’t have that here in Vegas and I need to change that. The girl in this photo was one such muse. She is a friend from Kentucky who was ready and willing whenever. I’d like to get to work with her again as well as a few others I left behind…Trish, Jacinda, Chels, Dana, Elizabeth…and the list goes on.

For any readers in the Las Vegas area, I need a venue to hold figure drawing sessions for my Las Vegas Art Model’s Group. Specifically, I am seeking a drawing studio complete with hot lights, easels, benches, and a model platform. I’d like to be able to use this facility at least once a week to hold figure drawing sessions. I could use the same thing with a photo studio, but right now, the biggest focus is on drawing. (Volutneered is the operative implication here.) I want to begin this mid January. I want to hold a few photo workshops as well and will be looking for guest instructors to come and impart some knowledge on fellow photogs. So when we get a studio for it, I’ll be interested doing this as soon as possible. So I am putting out the call: I need models, particularly female…we have plenty of guys. I need a drawing and photo studio. And finally I need artists and volunteer instructors to help participate and grow these functions. Thats my Christmas wish list, so to speak. So unless you are getting me photo equipment, stick to this list.

On another special note, I was very please to get to see my friend, photog extraordinaire, Dave Rudin from Brooklyn again. Dave and I got together and checked out the Crazy Horse topless cabaret show at the MGM Grand. I had seen the show once before about 6 years ago, but we got front row seats which made for quite a different experience. Those girls were GOOD. They possessed the unique ability to show you everything without letting you see anything. I tell you that took the skill of a magician…. Now you see it…NO YOU DIDN’T!

*** Note to MOM: Ignore the aforementioned list….stick to the photo equipment.