It would appear that my website host, is down at the moment. When you click on my site, all you get is a Welcome to JBoss page. Well, rest assure that I have not gone into a new line of business. I checked my bank account and my bill is paid up with, so that’s not it either. From the looks of things, everyone who uses this online webhost has the same page pop up. So just give them a little time, I am sure they will sort out this mess, refund me for the downtime, and all will be back to normal!

But since we are both here, I may as well use the time to post a few things. Jordan Matter … I came across his website when a nudist site posted my link on a page of nude resources. Browsing the links, I ended up finding New York photographer on a link promoting topless equality for women. I had no idea that it has been legal for women in NY to be topless! I am a big fan of the artistic nude. Number 2 to that is the topless woman. Spending time in Germany,France and Spain has cultivated that notion. After a discussion with a woman in France, back in 1989 or so, I became enlightened which led to my distaste for bras. I know some women feel they need them, and maybe rightly so, but as a personal preference, I hate bras. I do not care what anyone says, a man did not invent the bra, unless he was kidnapped, locked into a basement, and made to do so under force.

I digress… Jordan Matter has made a niche out of photographing topless, (or top free) women in public. He’s got one image of a young topless girl who appears to be showing a cop a brochure or getting directions on a map. I shake my head in disbelief just talking about it. (Dave R. you never told me about this). Its been my desire to do public nudes since I started on this journey, but I have always been fearful for the welfare of my model. I don’t know the rules to this here in Vegas, other than the fact that if you get caught, you go to jail. But even if you don’t get caught at the time, and you post pics of yourself doing public nudes, an illegal act, do they still come after you? I can always say I photoshopped the model into a public scene but really…who needs the drama.

On another note, I picked up a copy of Carrie Leigh’s Nude, at my local book stand over the holidays. It’s still back with the porn mags, behind the counter and laid flat so you can’t even see the cover. Its available upon request. Anyway, I was glad my bud Dave Rudin got to make the first issue and I could see that the magazine had quality material in editorial and interview content. As before this second issue was no exception. I was particularly intrigued by the Leonard Nimoy interview. Granted, I have been a fan of Spock and Star Trek for years. But this was really the first time I got to see Leonard Nimoy and not visualize him with pointed ears. I had no idea that the man has been a photographer since before he was an actor. I was one of the ignorant who figured he picked up a camera after his acting days are over and pointed it at a naked girl. The man built his own first enlarger as a kid out of an old metal lunchbox and a spare camera! He goes on to describe his love for the print since before, during, and now even late into his acting career. I can’t say “after” his acting career, because I am pretty sure a new Star Trek is coming out and he’s in it. Well, I have seen his work before and can relate to his efforts to take on challenging and even non-popular subjects like the project he did on overweight women, The Full Body Project, which is in the magazine. I had seen these images before while browsing a library. Well, that’s enough for today, me thinks, especially since that’s two major posts, two days in a row. Don’t wanna spoil y’all.