I hope everyone has found time to get around to Chris’ Univers d’Artiste to wish him well. As promised, I said I’d post some new material. Its been a while since I’ve gotten to do new work. I think I introduced Natalie sometime last October or late September. I don’t plan to let a span of time like that traverse the continuum of space again without me getting somebody naked. Granted, a contracted project worked me for 12-14 hour days for 3 months in that span, but that’s still no excuse. In fact, I am very appreciative of having the job. It payed well and afforded me the ability to jump in into my Canon 40D, which I now have the benefit to enjoy. But still, art Nudes is like Jello, there’s always room for that.

So that being said, I introduce Trixie. I, initially, had no intention of posting the work I was able to do with her for out first time. We planned some preliminary shots just to get started and then maybe do some real work later on afterwards, sometime the next week. Well, THREE hours later, I was taking home some pretty good material that I liked. I immediately saw that I could use most everything we did. I tried to tell her to stop posing toward the end, but she’d ball up into something cute and I’d have to fire off the shutter a few times. I then attempted to put the camera away and in the course of conversation I would see another angle of her…back out comes the camera again. The last 45 minutes must have been me putting away the camera and bringing it back out because I would see something new I liked. It was only her driving natural force of hunger that finally abated another hour of shooting. I was trying to exercise better control and not attempt to get everything I liked from her at once. That would have been rude.

We first talked about doing the shoot maybe mid-December and I conducted my first two interviews with her. We hit it off well and agreed to shoot, but thought it would be best to wait til after the holidays settled. I could tell right off that she was a person of great character and ideal for my to shoot on an ongoing basis. Spirit and a willingness to give are the two traits I can ascribe to her that I most admire. This girl is willing to work and has a sincere interest in becoming part of an artistic process. Its my hope that she, and maybe a few others, can help me develop my trade. Models like her, give me the opportunity to experiment and try new things. Her contributions just over this single shoot were invaluable. I was also thankful to her husband, for being so understanding and willing to “lend” me his pride and joy to create something I can now share with you all. I will be posting several of her images up on the blog. You can also see some on my website, TLNeasley.com, as well as on my profile on deviantART, which will be uploaded maybe tomorrow. Some will be the same, some will be different. I think I have 37 on my website but out of about 350 shots, I have edited it down to about 160. So they will be popping up all over for a spell. Thats not counting the set from our next shoot planned soon. I have also been contacted by a few other models who have expressed a desire to work with me, so we’ll see how that goes as well. By the way, AOL still hasn’t fixed the thing that causes my website to re-route to something else, so use Internet Explorer or Firefox to access my site.
On another note: There must be a huge interest in mail modling konserns, and errekshuns is almost always the main subject. I intentionally misspelled that so as to not draw attention from search bots. This has resulted from my 13 November 2007 posting on the discussion. I got enough requests on the matter that I responded to help mailartmodelz get over that concern. Good gracious, I really don’t want to answer any more questions about that and I am almost certain 30 percent (or more) of my blog hits come from searches that regard the subject matter. My blog is on top of those search results. I guess I can’t be mad at anything driving traffic to my blog, but I am pretty sure not all these mail modling konserns have to do with someone who is a modle worried about what to do if he gets an errekshun. What do you think?