My first workshop…

Stress is the best term I can use to describe it. Mainly it was the coordinations, but it was already starting out rough from my frustrating failed attempt at getting my drawing group established. I am the organizer for the Las Vegas Art Model’s Group, which is a group I created to give models an a forum to socialize with other models and artists, as well as to provide a venue for them to work. Since the majority of models work for drawing artists, I decided to let that be my priority. I’ve been at it for 3 months searching for a venue to hold drawing sessions and I thought I had one secured but somehow that opportunity was lost…long story.

Anyway, I decided to work on a photo venue. A member of the group made his personal studio available and we held our first workshop there this past Sunday afternoon. It went very well. I had 5 of 8 slotted photogs sign up. I interviewed 8 models for the job. The first I selected realized she was not going to be available for that date. I settled on another, but then lost communications before I got a firm booking. I immediately contacted one of the last two interviewees and secured a committment. She turned out to be great! She’s deaf which was an initial challenge but she is very spirited, enthusiastic, and charismatic, not to mention gorgeous. Our initial interview was about 2 hours and the second was an hour and a half. Everyone loved her. She’s very beautiful with the same characteristics on the inside. We are making plans for a shoot with just ourselves.

I know I need to find a more efficient and less stressful way to organize this effort. Right now, I am certain I am undercharging the photogs who attend and underpaying the models I need to do the job. I’ve got to beef up my resources. I’ve received responses from several models willing to work with me, but its a whole different story making sure they commit. My philosophy was to go with the more mature and experienced model to help kick off this first one. The model I lost contact with was experienced at this for more than 8 years and was around 35 or so years old, yet I was left hanging. It was a 21 year old with significantly less experience who charmed my group and bailed my ass out of a jam.

There are still some details yet to workout. My model was toast after just 2 hours for a four hour workshop and so was I. I didn’t shoot much at all. My job was faciliating the workshop and making sure everything was smooth. So, I need to workout how not to burnout my models while giving the photogs what they pay for. I’ve been on several shoots that lasted more than 4 hours. Maybe it was the warmth of the studio or the fact that I was exhausted from little sleep. But I know I need to find a way to keep my model fresh throughout the two 2-hour sessions. Oh well, its a process.