This week was such a good week, particularly on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, I had a few meetings with a promising model and another that held some promising opportunities. On Thursday, I got to meet and shoot with my friend, Katherine, who’s on a road trip at the moment clocking some serious miles. She was only in Vegas for a few hours as she was passing through, but she swung by to do a shoot with her pet red-tailed HAWK. We got several images in the 3 or 4 hours we shot. Then as quickly and suddenly as she blew in…she was gone.

Let me give you just a little history on Katherine and I. I met her almost two years ago, while hiking in Colorado with my friend Mary, whom I was scouting a location to shoot. Katherine and another friend were at the bottom of a trail in the Black Canyons camping out for a few days and fishing. Mary and I met them at the end of the day and they welcomed us into their camp and fed us fresh caught rainbow trout and I think some chili. In the course of conversation, Katherine asked what were were out wondering the mountains for. I made mention of my intention to shoot Mary and she asked if she could be in it as well. I came back out to their campsite the next day and hung out til it got warm enough to shoot. As the temp rose, Katherine lost her clothes. Before long, she was catching fish and cleaning them naked.

I am not sure how it got started but we all ended up skinny dipping in some of the most frigid waters imaginable. This was snow melt, fresh off the mountains. I got to shoot Katherine and had a great time doing it. My entire spontaneous week in Colorado happened to be one of the best experiences of my life. Getting to meet Katherine was a thrill even if we hadn’t gotten to shoot. The weather almost didn’t cooperate. It rained the day before she got here and the day after. I had a great time with her and might get to shoot her again as she makes a return trip upwards again to Colorado. These are a few of the images I did a quick edit on. It may be a while yet before I get them posted in a gallery on my site, but I wanted to share with you all, anyway.
You will for sure see more of this girl.