This, my friends, is the lovely Faerie, whom I had the privilege to work with a few weeks ago. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s the consummate model that any photog would love to work with. She’s very professional, arrives early, highly dependable, and is the type to bring something extra to a shoot by way of talented motions and graceful gestures. I think one of the most captivating aspects about Faerie is her look. To peer into her eyes is to risk losing one’s self into either a loss of thought or deep meditation. Several times, I had to stop and gaze into her pupils and give a second thought as to what it was that I intended to capture with my camera. Few models catch me off guard like this. Often times, I can guess what a model will look like even before she’s undressed. I may not know specific features, but I have an idea of her shape and how I’d like to work with her. Faerie wore baggy clothes to our first interview. When she finally undressed for me, I had to take a step back to make sure I was looking at the same woman whom I had previously met at the reJAVAnate Coffee Lounge.

Speaking of which, I really love reJAVAnate. I like its local appeal and its a good change up from Starbucks. Another thing I appreciate about the business is their support of local artists. My friends, Hercules and John have done a grand job of taking over this establishment from the original owner and continuing the tradition of a quality joint to kick back, relax, and enjoy some company while sippin’ or slurping on your coffee or tea of choice. I try to conduct my initial interviews here because I like to patron businesses that support the local arts and I do this despite the fact that I can’t hang my nudes in this public place. Maybe I can work on some more stuff to hang later on. In fact I know I have some pieces that are less likely to offend the more conservative customers and children.
Back to Faerie, I know I’m gonna be using her more in the future. I’ve already booked her an another gig for another local business using art models for a drawing session. This is kind of an important gig so I knew I needed someone dependable. Faerie was my first model to come to mind. I’ve still got to get to work on completing edits on her images. These are just a few that I’ve been able to do since I’ve gotten back from shooting a wedding in Texas. So enjoy. I’ll be posting more by this weekend.