Its been kind of a hectic last 3 weeks. I’ve had several models to shoot, a wedding, and I finally got to do my drawing session in cahoots with the Beverly Showroom at the World Market Center, here in Vegas. That’s a HUGE furniture showcase mega building complex thats getting bigger. Even the architechural design is an artistic element in an of itself. Look it up. They want to help sponsor this event on a monthy basis. This last one was the brainchild of the showroom manager who contacted me about her idea of hosting a drawing session using a live model. I selected Faerie to work this gig and it was an excellent choice. I met several great contacts, got some timely advice from an artist’s agent, and have possibly arranged for some future gigs in the making.

The event was held in combination with an invitation for buyers and designers of the furniture and art world who were invited to an exhibit of Artist of the Month, Steven Spann. Its a good way to bring in the right people to showcase furniture, while supporting the local artists and art community.

My side was to facilitate a Work of the Day exhibit featuring work from local artists produced on the spot. The designers got to come in and see the work being created, get to know the artists, and fill up on food and beverages. I’m not talking your run of the mill finger foods, either. This was the good stuff. The Beverly went all out for this.

Faerie thought it was sort of weird having other groups of people enter the showroom who had drinks and a plate instead of inks and a pad. Groups of people would come to watch her being drawn or painted and then head back into the gallery. A few minutes after, another few would drop in and spectate for a while. It was definately different.

At any rate, the monthy events won’t be catered like this, but I admire their courage to let me help put on a show and represent my Las Vegas Art Models Group. It was wonderful. Can’t wait to do it again. Tune in next time when I bring you new model, Pocatella and then later, Lydia.