I’ve come across a myriad of interesting people as I patrol the web. I’ve gathered a plethora of valuable tid-bits and information and post those on my blog that I think might be helpful, entertaining, or just necessary to be aware of. So here are a few other links I’ll add to the already growing list of nuggets for you, and we’ll start with model, Candy Poses, who runs Feminism Without Clothes. I can’t recall at the moment who’s link I found her on while making my web patrols, but I found myself hanging out on her site, scrolling through her blog reads, and playing in her link fields. The girl’s definitely got some opinions and even though you may not agree with them, she still makes a good argument for her opinion and I think that’s what I like most. That makes for a good read and I leave her site feeling like I didn’t just waste my time. Oh, and one last thing on Candy, she along with 4 other models has launched a cool YouTube Channel called Five Naked Models. Each model takes a different day to do a vlog about whatever they want to talk about. Candy is Tuesday, but here’s the line up:
Monday – Isobel Wren
Wednesday – Fedora el Morro
Thursday – Samantha Grace
Friday – London Andrews

Check out Candy’s First Video below or –>CLICK HERE<--
I am pretty damn sure, I will want to work with her [Candy] in the future. She has a no non-sense, in your face kind of style on one side, then you’ll see some of the most warming and endearing images made by man on the other. She can easily bounce between provocative/explicit and innocent/vulnerable. Not every model can do that well. One model I’ve worked with before is like that. You may remember Trisha, who is still the most viewed model on my website after almost a year. I’ve recently posted new images of her on my website in more provocative postures as well, and might be exploring that side a bit more with other models who feel comfy enough to be depicted as such. I was previously highly reluctant to do so, but I chose to do it with her permission. She’d suggested it before, but I was still somewhat hesitant. I might post more on that later. Back to Candy, aside from her images, she’s another model with something to say. Much like Iris Dassault, who isn’t just another pretty face, you enjoy listening to what she’s got to say. You are always wondering what she’s got on her mind. You want to know her opinion as to a particular issue. So check out Feminism Without Clothes.

Another photog link, I’ve come across is Michael Johnston’s The Online Photographer. He’s got nothing to do with art nudes that I know of, but he’s for sure all about photography. Granted he pissed me off recently with regards to his April Fool’s Day prank regarding the new Canon 4D gag, but I got over it and continue to reference his site regularly. Somebody on Model Mayhem thought it was a true story and posted a bulletin on it, thinking a replacement for the Canon 5D is about to be released with some really high-speed features. Like a nut, I jumped over to see the link, and took it hook, line and sinker. Then the next morning I checked it out again and read his comments…”Gotcha!” Bastard or not, he’s still worth the read. No, he’s not a bastard…that was just for one day…
I thought I’d leave you with some more of Lydia. I’ll get to see her again next week for my Artistic Nude Photo Workshop next week, as she’s the model I’ve hired for the day. Should be fun.