Much of my artistic expressions consists of capturing the nude in photographs. While that is my main medium of choice, its the nude itself that I revel in whether thats captured photographically or sketched in paint, charcoal, or even ink. I think its more of the work with the nude which captivates me. I’ve come to appreciate it both as an art nude model and as an art photographer who shoots nudes. This is why my Las Vegas Art Models Group sponsors Art Nude Photo Events AND Figure Drawing Sessions.

I don’t draw the nude anymore, but I still like the association. This past Friday, I held another figure drawing session with art model slash muse, Trixie. I love working with her. I’ve shot with her before and she is such a pleasure to shoot, but she’s an experienced art model as well. This came through Friday afternoon as I watched her assume poses that were graceful and elegant. In most cases, you wouldn’t call someone sitting still for 20 minutes a performance, but such cannot be said of Trixie. Her’s is an action of still motion or fluid suspended. I don’t know who first coined the phrase “The silence was deafening”, but its the same paradoxical terminology that came to mind as I watched her perform for my group of artists that after noon. I think I’ll have to introduce her to my art photo members.

I don’t recall if I mentioned it or not, but I was also asked to be an assistant organizer for the Las Vegas Photographic Society. Its a newly created group started by a member of my LVArt Models Group. There is not so much of a focus on the nude as it orientates more toward the simple love of photography. I’ve come to meet some great new friends in the group and have been introduced to more who are not members. I go hang out at B&C Camera, INC., run by Edda Brandt in Las Vegas since 1970. So if you’re in Vegas and need some gear, check her out near the W. Sahara/Decatur intersection, which isn’t that far off the I-15 exit. There’s a small group of photogs that come in on Saturdays late morning and hang out with Edda til she closes at 2pm (only on Saturdays). Last Saturday, I got some really good insight from Robert, Dennis, and Eric on some photography challenges and Photoshop issues I’ve been having. This week, it was my turn to give out help to Joe, a new owner of the Canon 40D, which I shoot, but I also got to meet Rick who showed us work from his 40 year old, Fuji panoramic camera. It reminds me of “Cheers”, where the same bunch comes in to the same spot and just has fun hanging out. In fact, its the only camera place I’ve seen that has bar stools. If she served beer, we’d probably be there every day. I can’t wait for next Saturday.

In the meantime, I had planned on posting some vids of either Imogen Cunningham talking about Edward Weston or some instructional stuff on photo nudes, but I came across an old episode of The Jeffersons where Louise draws a male nude. I just had to go with this one. Its a 3 part series, but the 2nd one is the main part and clickable below or through the links. You can also catch the 1st and 3rd parts, too. I’ll get Imogen next time.

The Jeffersons-Louise sketches nude model (part 1 of 3)
The Jeffersons-Louise sketches nude model (part 2 of 3)
The Jeffersons-Louise sketches nude model (part 3 of 3)