Quote of the Day:
“I photograph continuously, often without a good idea or strong feelings. During this time the photos are nearly all poor but I believe they develop my seeing and help later on in other photos. I do believe strongly in photography and hope by following it intuitively that when the photographs are looked at they will touch the spirit in people.” – Harry Callahan

I came across this quote by a fav photog of mine, Harry Callahan. I’ve commented on him before in –>this blog post<-- last October, which is actually based on a reference to his wife Eleanor. For me, its somewhat fitting because lately, I havent been doing any specific photo projects that have a dedicated purpose or goal. Between running my art group and other priorities, I haven't been able to put together some concepts that I might endeavor to act on. So instead, I elected to just keep shooting. No self-publishing, no contests, no nothing other than refining my craft, stufying my trade, and getting better. I've wrote about this before, but this quote reminded me of what I am doing and why.

I’m certainly glad to have a few models that don’t mind being available when I want to just shoot and some whom I am available for when they want to be shot. I got to work with Faerie again for such an occasion. Especially now, when stress and gas prices are at an all time high for me, its so relaxing to be able to go shoot a model for no other reason than we’ve both got some free time and we each desire to be on our perspective ends of the lens. I’m sure I’ll shoot her some more, be it in different places or circumstances. It just doesn’t get old. Isn’t she just gorgeous. Hmmm, I wonder what she’s doing tomorrow…

I did come across one other video clip similar to a project I plan to do when I have the right model and circumstances to pull it off. Its of a photographer who records his photo shoot of a nude model who poses for shots at a public bus stop. Capturing people’s reaction while ignoring passing traffic is not an easy thing to do. At least, I would not imagine that it would be. Not to mention avoiding arrest. Its still a fun video, nontheless. If you can’t see the clip below, ->click here<-. If any of you readers have any experience shooting public nudes, I'd be much obliged for your suggestions. Share your experiences on how it worked out for you if you've tried it. I'd especially love to hear from any models who have braved the public frontier. What were your challenges, concerns, and problems in setting this up? Did it take a team effort? I'm not referring to streaking, but rather to posed shots. Seeing a naked model get horse-collared in a tackle just wouldn't look pretty. Might be funny, but I can't see the beauty in that. So I'm not interested in streakers. Enjoy the video.