“Photography, not soft gutless painting, is best equipped to bore into the spirit of today.” – Edward Weston

I was very fortunate to be able to come across a woman like Lessa. I knew right off the bat that she was someone I wanted to work with and in no short time, I promised her a spot for my next workshop weeks ago prior to even finalizing a booking for her. With her background in dance and theater, I hope to produce many photographic projects with her in my viewfinder. As I have mentioned several times before, attitude is the biggest thing I key on and I love her’s.

Her reasons for wanting to do this were more of a purist’s ideals. Money was not the motivator behind her desire to pose for artistic nudes and I genuinely felt honored that she chose to collaborate with me in order to reach her goals, as there are a web full of advertisements of photographers who are seeking nude models. I hold my next art nude photo workshop this Sunday afternoon on the 11th and Lessa was hired for the job. Although its Mother’s Day, I still have a few photogs in my group who want this so I’ll hold a session. Lessa is a very interesting person and I hope to explore more elements of her creative expressions. Man, who knew Weston has such emotion for painting??