“Nude Under the Mountain”

Another successful Art Nude Photography Workshop for the records: Lessa was a gem. The day was beautiful. My location was grand. And I was amongst friends. What more could a facilitator ask. In the same general area as the last photo event, I chose a few areas that caught my eye from the last event that we skipped over. For a shoot on Mother’s Day, I had a decent turn-out for this event. I didn’t expect many, but as I have mentioned before, the smaller group tends to be more beneficial than the larger group. Despite being out of doors, some of the areas I chose were tight fits, closed in by either rocks, cacti, or trees.

Lessa turns out to be an excellent model who is very comfortable with her body. With her background in dance and theater, she’s proved as creative as I might have expected from someone of her experience. The combination of her marvelous curves, her long hair, and her expressive charisma, allows for a broad range of ideas to explore. I am sooo looking forward to a few independent photo sessions to see what else I can come up with. Normally, I don’t get to shoot much on my own events, but this time I was able to work in a few shots. I didn’t get as many prime shots as I might have wished for, but my angles were still okay. Independent shoots with her will allow me to really explore my ideas with her collaboration.

The group that came out to shoot really bonded. You’d have thought we were all wearing Dr. Scholls Gellin’ insoles. I know I was gellin’. Do you hear what I’m tellin’. Cuz I can start yellin’ like a felon sellin’ melon on a hot summer day if you don’t understand me. This felt more like friends getting together and chillin’ on a Sunday afternoon, which might have actually been the case had Felix brought some beer. In fact, to make up for it, we are planning a nude photo BBQ over at Felix’s place next month. Several of them got to go out to eat Mexican after the shoot, but I didn’t get to join as I got a call from the Security monitoring service that the alarm at my home was blasting. Thankfully, there was no cause for alarm. I think the dogs triggered the alarm somehow. We’ve got 3 large boxers weighing close to 70 pounds each running amuk in the house while no one’s home.

And so with all this fun, its only fitting I leave you with this really funny video. If you can’t see it below, just >click here<.