“Portraiture of Dana”

While checking out my usual inventory of blog sites, I made my way down to the Strobist. Maybe you know this blog. If not, you should. Anyway, this lighting setup got my attention, which was a construction by Joe McNally ( <-Joe's blog) while shooting in Dubai. Its an unusual cluster of 7 SB-800s triggered to fire as one flash positioned on one mount. I could not fathom a reason to ever need something this gaudy, but I guess that shows what I know. After checking out a video he created to document the event and then looking at the results, I guess he knew what he was doing. Somehow, I think Dave Rudin is looking at this and freaking out. “All the natural light in the desert and this guy has a gaggle of SB-800s in one vantage point.” …at least, I am guessing that’s what he might be saying.
I was not really sure this was necessary, but then again, I guess HE thought it was necessary and that’s what counts. I know I have been in situations before that called for some quick improvisations of scrap material or a complicated rigging of my current resources that might rival an ACME rocket and boulder concoction by Wyle E. Coyote to caputure the Roadrunner. But I guess I was not the only one to cock my head sideways at Joe’s setup. The next day, there was an post on the Strobist that detailed a quoted comment left by a reader which was derogatory and aimed at Mr. McNally. Afterwhich, an explanation is given as to why all Joe needed to create a Speedlight tree. You can READ IT IN FULL yourself, but here is the quote:
“Joe McNally is a great photographer and I respect his work, however that collection of strobes is absurd. Was that really necessary? Personally, I think this was an elaborate hoax to see how stupid most strobist readers really are.” – Anonymous Strobist commentor

How rude? Right? He insults Joe and most of us Strobist readers. If you can’t see the vid clip below, just click on Joe’s name above to see his blog and scroll down til you see it.