” Sincerity”

“…To me photographing the nude is simply using my camera to sense and feel the pulse of life… To photograph a nude without desiring her is the ultimate in perversity…”Larry Fink

I realize that mine is the art of photography. Specifically, photographing the nude form has become my passion and my niche. However, I still have a distinct affinity for figure modeling as it relates to drawing the figure. My association to figure drawing is no longer through the medium of charcoal, conte, or paint, but rather as a facilitator of the sessions. I don’t draw anymore, but since I have an extended background as a figure model, I’ve still held a strong connection to the those in the field of art modeling. That’s the primary reason I started my Las Vegas Art Models Group. So despite my particular genre of art being photography, I still talk about and discuss figure modeling. Its the art model who has captured my admiration and appreciation, whether she poses for drawing sessions or photography.

I’ve wanted to do more in my group with models of various sizes and shapes. The plus-size model has less of a representation in this field, but I’d like to find a way to encourage more women of this body type to participate. At the same time, I know I also have to garner the interest from the photogs who participate in the workshops. Its a bit easier to incorporate the plus-size and large women into figure drawing sessions, but I have still heard disparaging remarks from vain and disrespectful students who would rather draw the hot chicks. I am an avid avocate for the model who can shed her clothes and strike a pose to lend a much needed inspiration to us artists who have need of their services. I’d like to do more to help them earn more work in their trade outside of the collegiate environments. Las Vegas has less of a need or I should say has less of a demand for the nude art model, but I guess challenges exist all over to earn a decent income from such a noble effort of sacraficing privacy and enduring criticism from those who cannot understand.

I wish I could do more in my efforts with my group. For me, I have an excellent venue in both space and prestige at the World Market Center. However the catch is that my sessions are not on a regular or frequently held. Because of the WMC business hours, the sessions have to be held during the normal working hours of artists, which is on Friday afternoons from 1pm to 4pm, instead of after-hours when more may be inclined to participate. I’m left beating the street and buring up my cell phone minutes to solicit paricipation from artists. When I don’t get enough artist participation, then thats also an out-of-pocket expense for me. Since I’ve pledged to have the highest pay rate in the Las Vegas area for figure drawing models, this can be challenging to somebody who’s still yet to find steady employment. The efforts have paid off for some. During a few of my events, I’ve had artists get commissions, so its definitely worth it for the artists to come out and draw. You never know who may come by to see your performance.

But in order to keep the dream alive, I get out there and do what I can for as long as I can. That includes my efforts of scouting locations and interviewing models to hold my art nude photo workshops. I like what I do and I believe in it…for both photo and drawing. I want to be the go-to guy for artists and organizations needing models for nude art work. For those models wanting to continue doing the work, I want to keep you busy, but the bulkload of my energy will be reserved for those who I can determine are serious about their work, take pride in it, and maintain a high standard of professionalism to their craft. These are those who are where they are supposed to be ahead of schedule. They are not afraid of the hard poses. They strive to understand the need of the artist and give the artist the best they have to offer in order to help them achieve a desired goal. Art Modeling is hard work. Most think its a piece of cake to be still and look pretty. I say to thee nay! But you will never understand it til you give it a try. I dare you!

These are more images of art model and muse, Trixie. I hope to do some more work with her very soon. Also, you have GOT to see this 10 minute video, “The Perils in Nude Modeling”. Its dramatic, romantic, and FUNNY. If you can’t see the clip below, then just ->click here<-