“Yeah, It Sucks”

I’ve had such an outpouring of unexpected affection for Sophie. Some of my friends who whom I never talked to about Sophie wished her well or inquired as to her health. It all caught me off guard. I didn’t know they had been following my blog. Well, I am pleased to say she is doing extremely well. The Vet said she was ahead of schedule compared to other dogs. That was last week when he took off the bandages the day after my post. This week he said she is still doing well, but he wanted the staples to stay in another week. They were supposed to be out today, but he wants them to heal some more instead. I kept the next photo rather large, so when you click on it, you can scroll down and see where she was stitched up along the inside of her knee as she sticks out her leg to show you. Sophie is quite the ham when it comes to the camera. I don’t think she’s quite up to par with Wegman’s Fay Ray, but when a lens is pointed at her she knows what to do. BTW, she doesn’t have to wear this contraption all the time, just when we are not in the area so as to keep her from biting the staples out of her leg.
On another off topic, I want you to take a listen to this 16 minute segment: NPR Talk of the Nation’s May 12th clip entitled “Are College Degrees a Waste of Money?”. (If that link doesn’t work, try ->THIS ONE <-). This is a interview of career coach Marty Nemko who thinks today's college degrees are America's most overrated product. They are just not worth it when you look at it from a cost-benefit perspective. I looked up this article again after listening to it live. Along with my last post on Subprime Lending, this was the next most impactful interview that I've listened to in a while. I've had to rethink my own circumstances when I concluded my ordeal and challenges are local to the Vegas area. I've recently graduated with TWO masters degrees, a MBA and a MS in Telecommunications Systems Management. Vegas gives not a flip about a master degree. I met a guy parking cars with a masters. He told me he came here with high hopes and would have starved trying to make that degree work for him. Now he can earn more than $60K a year as a Valet.
I’ve got another friend with a 9th grade education earning a comfortable living as a painter and out-earns his wife who is a CAD engineer! At one point, he was poking fun at the irony of society’s mentality … “Go to college so you can make a lot of money and get rich”. He doesn’t even have a GED and is out earning 80% of the city. This NPR article addresses this faulty thinking of an outdated concept. There’s been a paradigm shift and I’ve only just now realized it. I’ve had to rethink my efforts of hammering own kids who were in college this last year. Neither of them wanted to be in school. It was ticking me off something fierce to see my well capable kids failing in school, when they did not want to be there. It was actually prior to me hearing this segment on the radio that I talked to them and re-evaluated my thinking. If they didn’t want to be in school then they had to give me their plan to do something else. Besides, all they were doing was wasting grant money that could have gone to another kid who really wanted it. So take a listen to the piece. I promise to get back to the nekkid chicks next time.

And on one final note, its was a surprising and sad thing to lose an icon of American politics and journalism. We say good-bye to Tim Russert who had a sudden heart attack today. Some speculate that he worked himself to death from being so dedicated to his work, his peers, and his family. Can you imagine how this year’s election in November will play out without Russert at the helm explaining it all? I’d always respected him as a noted journalist. I figured I’d always get a fair perspective from him and could trust him to dig at the truth. It was only after I listened to the audio version of his book “Big Russ and Me” that I became a fan. It was a truly heart-felt and genuine piece of work.

Bye, Tim…