“Metalworks in back of the P.A.M.”

This weekend I am doing nothing but editing photos. I’ve got a nice backlog of material to pour through. Over the last month, things have really shaken up on my end. I’m having to get used to working a night shift. As of yet, I’ve still been unable to manage my normal habits of eating and sleeping. I am still attempting to get normal daily activities done during the day and before you know it, I realize I have to get ready to go back to work again! Then it turns into a battle of sheer will and determination to stay awake and do my job. In addition to that, my computer was down for a while until I was able to get it replaced, (thanks Garrett), and not long after that, I ended up relocating into a different residence. Its has been a whirlwind, to say the least.

Last weekend was another spontaneous and impromptu road trip. This time I went to Phoenix. There’s no adventuresome or daring outdoor feats of bravery or skill involved, but it does get a little…odd. Okay, let me give you some brief background info. My kids have spent most of their lives in Tennessee which is where they are now. They are both grown up now. They had a childhood best friend whom was at my house all the time partially because my ex-wife did home daycare, but also because she lived in the neighborhood and visited often. Well, when she was 10, she moved away to Arizona. I hadn’t seen or heard from this child until a year ago when she found me on the web and contacted me about doing a photo shoot with her. She is no longer a child. She goes by the moniker, Tish Terror.
I initially objected! But over the course of time, I concented. She’s over 18 now and makes up her own mind. Setting all weirdness aside, my main concern was that her mom was gonna track me down and beat my ass! Well, thankfully that hasn’t happened (yet). I think the shoot was a little awkward for the both of us initially. I think we’ll do better work, the next time we shoot. Most often that’s the case anyway. A first time nude shoot can be disconcerting to say the least for any young art model. All in all, we had lots of fun and the trip was one of the best road trips yet.
Felix and Summer came along on two days notice! That’s why I love them. I want to say a special thank you to Sue Robinson at the Marriott TownePlace Suites in Phoenix. I had a problem with my room arrangements when I got down there. I had requested a room with a separate sleeping area from the living room at a sister property just in front of the Towne Place Suites. Sue got me a room in her hotel that not only had my original request but she also got us a room that had seperate bedrooms. THEN she dolled up Summer’s room with candy and BEN & JERRY’S! It was a huge surprise for Summer who drove the entire 5 and a half hours, there and back. The bedding was the best I’ve slept on in a while. So you know where I’ll be staying when I head back to Phoenix. It was adorable with excellent rates. I fully recommend it.
In addition to that (yes, this was a full weekend), we shot downtown Phoenix late that night. Surprisingly, there was not much activity going on for a major city on the weekend. It was certainly not like Vegas which may be an unfair comparison. We also got to visit the Phoenix Art Museum and check out my man, Edward Weston’s MEXICO exhibit. This work was part of his time before Charis Wilson of whom I am much more familiar. His muse at during this time period is Tina Modotti, who also became an avid photographer. It would seem that Edaward would have not gotten very far without the women in his life. Both Modotti and Wilson made major contributions to his efforts in photography.

So now, I am going to attempt catching up with my photo edits this weekend, get organized into my new place with Jeff, and figure out how I’ll make all of this work out. You can expect some more images from some other models I shot while interviewing for upcoming photo workshops for my Las Vegas Art Models Group. They’ll be coming soon.