“Lissa in Portraiture”
I really love what I am doing in photo right now. I’m still behind on my editing. I’m getting the crap beat out of me working the night shift. I’m short of cash on hand. And I’m still transitioning from the lifestyle of one residence into that of a new one. I can’t tell a Thursday from a Tuesday and right now, I should be in bed. But what am I doing instead… trying to entertain and share with you on my blog. Why, *coming back full circle*, because I really love what I am doing in photo right now.

One of the reasons I like this is because right now, I don’t have any expectations. I have dreams, desires, passions, and loves. I crave some new equipment. But I don’t really have expectations. This is not income driven. I am not under someone else’s deadline. I’m not prepping for contests trying to beat submission deadlines. I have the option to shoot what I like. Though its not always easy, I get to shoot a model most any time I need. I love that women are comfortable enough with me to pose for me. I know part of the reason for this is because when they look through my portfolio, they can see themselves in it. Its not full of all the high fashion glamour. I mainly use the girl you might see driving past your car on the interstate on her way to work at the local Five and Dime. They can identity with what I do, is what I think.

I’ve got great mentors, like Dave Rudin, Iris Dassault, and Chris St. James; all of whom have had integral involvements in launching my site and blog. I might add again, that its good to have Chris back. He’s got to make another trip to the hospital, and has given me permission to post on Univers d’ Artistes! I don’t know what I’ll do with all that power. All I can think of is Uncle Ben telling Peter Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility!”. Anyway, since then, I’ve made several other connections via the web, my Las Vegas Art Models Group, The Las Vegas Photographic Society, and more. I’ve held figure drawing venues in the World Market Center that were perused by people of influence who eventually commissioned work from some of the attending artists and established deeper connections for more paid work and sales. This, all in just my first year.
So photographically speaking, I really have nothing to complain about. Well, maybe except wanting to do it more and have the time to do it. I just need to be patient with it and learn to better work with what I have. My personal life has left me unable to think at times. Even then, I’ve had my good friends Felix and Summer to think for me. I kid you not: I’ve been so exhausted lately, I’ve made some blunders. Felix and Summer have been there to smack me with a good one across the cheeks to wake me back up. Jeff has been a blessing to allow me into his home when things got too dicey at my own, even though money has been tight as hell. So what adjustments has he had to make to living with a new roommate, well twice just this past week, he’s come home to discover naked chicks lounging around the house. Not bad, huh.
Speaking of which, this is Lissa, one of the naked chicks lounging around on Jeff’s furniture. I think she’s a pretty remarkable woman. I contacted her because she’s a member of the Group and we don’t have many group members model who actually model. I’ve been going through deleting out members who are inactive or never do anything or make any contributions. Lissa had a pic posted and I asked her about doing some actual modeling. She’s done a little bit before, but nothing on a regular basis. We interviewed last week and I shot her in Jeff’s place. That was the longest shoot I’d done in quite some time. It was the way she looked into the lens that had me releasing the shutter so many times. I was doing this without ANY sleep from the night before. Maybe it shows in my work, but I think I got some really good shots. As soon as I get half way done with her edits, I’m getting her back out here for some more. She’s a lovely muse.
Oh and my website doubled in traffic for the month of August! Yeah, I’m lovin’ it.