“This then: to photograph a rock, have it look like a rock, but be more than a rock. “
– Edward Weston

” Why”
Thought I’d bring back Lissa for an encore. Times are getting tougher every day it seems and she was on my mind today. I was supposed to have a visit with her today to give her a disk of out first shoot, but plans had to change. This was one of those “good time” shoots, because we had a really good time doing it. She’s such a natural for posing and is very comfortable with herself. Talking with her during the whole shoot made time pass so quickly that I didn’t realize that 7 hours had passed. I was in need of rest and hadn’t slept the night before. I was shooting Lissa on fumes, but we had such a good time that I completely lost track of the passing hours. Before I knew it, it was time for me to shower and go to work.

I am hoping to get to work with her on location somewhere soon. She’s tied up with some other concerns at the moment, so her schedule is sort of hectic. Some of the best models I have shot were like that. You lock them down for a shoot one day, but good luck trying to get them back again for a while. Its been at least 3 weeks, I think since I’ve worked with Lissa. We’ve kept in contact, but I sincerely hope its not another 3 weeks before we shoot again. She’s fascinating.

I stand corrected on Imagens. I reported a few posts ago that that blog was done. However, before his blog has had a chance to collect dust, he’s unretired it and back to posting. Go figure. Well, its good to have him back anyway.
I noted that Iris Dassault and the Women of Avalon have now been censored by the Content Warning Cover Monster. I am not sure as to whether or not Google is being fair about all this. I don’t know what criteria they use to say you are offensive and we need to protect the public from you with a one click irritating page in front of your blog. I don’t know what I’ll do if that occurs to me. I’ve seen some bloggers jump ship and head over to WordPress just on principle alone. Maybe that’s what Google wants. Who knows. At some point, I think we are all going to get it and be faced with that decision. Take it and ignore it…Business as usual, OR object…close down the blog and move elsewhere. Rich and Lin Bang of Fluffytek host their own blog inside their website. Its certainly an idea. My webpage uses a template service, ifp3.com. Its a bit harder for me to do at the moment I think. Ifp3 has been making strides by leaps and bounds over the past 6 months. Lots of new features, capabilities, and services have been added that give you the option of more personized web pages. They are still adding features and growing.
I’ve also been excited to see Chris St. James at it on a daily basis over there on his home front, Univers d’Artistes. After being gone about 6 months, he’s been catching up with a fierceness. Normally, I think he’d post maybe twice a week. Check him out now and see how many posts he has in the last week. The man is a machine. I’ve even gotten a few of my shots posted by him. Too cool. Thats like a shot of adrenaline for my blog and website every time he does that. Thanks, Chris.
Come to think of it, my friend Garrett, the Nikonian, has been out of touch lately. I met him when he signed up for my first photo workshop and he’s taken off ever since. This big guy is really cooking in terms of managing his day job with his insatiable desire to shoot. I can’t hate on him, that he’s packing a D3 and has every lens you can think of, but damn, who wouldn’t. Garrett has been a good find for me when I got here to Vegas. He’s put me in contact with some great people and basically, you can thank him that I’m even talking to you right now. I mentioned before that he was responsible for the computer for which I now continue to entertain, explain, and otherwise regale you with photo adventures. He took my fried computer tower to his best bud, and WALLA… I’m sporting a new tower AND a flat screen. I know, he’s still chomping at the bit waiting for Nikon to release the newer version, the D3x sometime soon. I’ve given some strong consideration to switching to the Nikon system. Garrett is all about Nikon and I get kidded by him and several of the others at our Saturday gatherings at B&C Camera for shooting Canon, but now I have to really consider the new Canon 5d Mk II, thats due to hit the shelves in November. We’ll see how it stacks up.