“Putting clothes on a model is akin to putting a parking lot over a field of flowers.”
– David Winge
I’m bringing back Lorelei again for this one and maybe the next one too. Between her and Lissa, I have a ton of edits that I am still working on. I’m working them in between some other freelance work that I’ve been at for a while as well. Something’s gotta give! I’ve got to better manage my work flow, so any of you’s photogs out there with some tips of managing a RAW work flow, give up the goods.

In other news, its also good to see some other sites out there promoting artistic nudes and the artists who create them. I happened to be commenting on a deviantART image made by Jarda Balek who was looking for some critiques on a technique he was experimenting with for this photo. Well, it was a little bit later that I noticed he was featured on Univers d’Artistes. I check him out and I’ve begun since then to see him all over. So now he’s linked to my blog as well. So go give him a look-see on his new blog World of the Nude Art Photography.

Also, another noted photog I came across who’s worthy of mention is David Winge. He’s got some fabulous artwork that you should definitely check out. Because of the unique spelling of his name, I remembered seeing if often as I’d check out websites of models while looking through their portfolios. “Winge” kept popping up as the photographer of many great images that caught my eye on several model sites. One model in particular is GroovaciousK. This is a model I’ve elevated on my list of “Models I HAVE to work with at some point in the near future“. She has such a voluptuous shape that begs the attention of my lens, so hopefully real soon, I’ll be able to make arrangements to shoot with her. She and David are both located in California so maybe this won’t be so hard of an endeavor. I just need to get to Cali. You can see more of GroovaciousK at her deviantART site.