“Just because you have a Mercedes doesn’t mean you can’t look at a Beemer every now and then.” – Lilia

I’m going to make a statement in a sec, and I don’t want anyone to freak out. You may want to sit down. I am going to stop shooting nudes for a while. Okay, I said it, but be cool. Operative phrase here being “for a while”. I guess, I should qualify that statement with a disclaimer. So let me add that I still have a few committals to take care of and I am certain there will be some spontaneous opportunity shoots. I’m just not actively searching for models for a particular project. Make no mistake, I am not tired of it. I have not changed my passion for it and I certainly have not given up on it because there’s no money in it. I don’t do it for the money anyway. But since you bring up the money thing, let’s me settle there for a minute or two…or more. One of the reasons why I am making this call IS in fact for the money, in a way (I’ll get into the other reason next time). I think I’d like to stop shooting nudes to try and refine my trade a bit and do something that might help me pay for more shooting of nudes. My art nude work is like a crack habit, but I am in control of it enough to where I refuse to steal or sell my body in order to do it. Instead, I am going to try to make my photo work pay for itself.

Canon has released its new version of the EOS 5D, the 5D Mark II. I want it. Maybe you don’t understand me when I say, I want this camera. In fact, I’m not going to even go into trying to articulate the magnitude of “I WANT”, in that sentence. This is one time words simply don’t do it. I wish you could see my face when I say it. Then you’d understand me better. HOWEVER, I’d like to NOT spend my own money for it, or borrow to get it. I’ve got a 40D. Its a good camera and I’ve paid about two and a half grand for it and some lighting gear. That’s a nice investment and you know what…it can pay for its own damn self AND my new Mark II. I have a tool with the ability to work on its own and I’d like to keep my camera from being lazy. So, I’m going to defray from my passion that makes no money and subsidize it with some common sense. That was my plan when I originally bought the thing. I’ve made it work, doing a bunch of free stuff and a few gigs here and there, but its not doing enough to burn off the fat….know what I mean?

And the 5D Mk II isn’t all. You get serious into photo and you will spend more on accessories, software, backups, etc. than you will on the camera. The Mk II is a full frame system which is the main reason I wanted it. I’ve got to be full frame. As a former film purist, its the closest thing to it. But other than the camera, you have to compliment it with good glass and what’s better than the superb (and expensive) L-series of lenses. Well, I can just say the costs are mounting (along with switching to a Mac) and while I am more than willing to pay, I know my current equipment should be up to the task. And you know what, it will be. I will whip that camera body into shape so fast, it will make your head spin.

Ah, but let me introduce the beautiful and most gorgeous…Brittany! This Sunday will be my next and probably final outdoor workshop for my Las Vegas Art Models Group. After this Sunday, we’ll probably be indoors til the spring. Brittany is one of those models that makes you feel highly inclined to stop looking for anyone else after you’ve found her. Its always been tough choosing a model at times, but then you run across someone like her and the day just seems to brighten up, birds come out and sing, and little rabbits come up to you and offer you fresh daisies as butterflies dance a crown around your head. She’s a professional model. This IS her day job. I haven’t worked with too many pro’s, and while I’ve had success with the non-pro’s, Brittany makes you contemplate whether or not you’ve been missing out. These are a few simple shots I took of her just the other day. I can’t wait for Sunday, but I’m already looking past then to more adventures with her in the future. Thanks Brittany.