“Edward and I both agreed with the view of a Greek friend of ours, Jean Varda, who was fond of saying there were three perfect shapes in the world … the hull of a boat, a violin and a woman’s body.”
– Charis Wilson, wife and muse of Edward Weston

Man, it is sooooo hard not to hand out a card or speak to a woman of interest for my photo artwork. Simply by force of habit alone, I’ve handed out a few cards and have talked to a few ladies about modeling for me. Of course, this goes against what I’ve mentioned about not shooting nudes for a while. BUT, I’m getting better at it, in part because I’ve been busy shooting nudes anyway. These are the ones that I’ve already said I had committed to. I am wrapping them up right now. I’ve had 4 models that I have worked with over the last few days and one of them I am doing some follow up work with on Thursday. After that, I’ve got the business of the commissioned shoot that we are still working which will conclude by the 1st of December.

This last shoot I did with a model who turns out to be a homie of mine. No, we hadn’t met before, but we come from the same area of Texas. We knew some of the same spots and both of our first jobs were at Braum’s Ice Cream! It was interesting to hear her talk about the home and then match up all the coincidences of our lives. Outside of Braum’s, we both miss Pancho’s Mexican Buffet and Whataburger. That’s some stuff we grew up on. Her house was gorgeous. You’re gonna love the pics of this girl. I’m going back over later with the wide-angle as this shoot is in her home and talk about a home! I love it. Sooo many interesting shots there.

Well, Iris Dassault and is going to stop modeling for a while, but for a whole different reason than why I am suspending my nude work. She’s not the only one either. After all the great work these ladies do… after all they’ve accomplished, there are still those out there in the world who do not know how to treat a model. Iris has her reasons and you should go over and listen to her tell it. I’m at the very least glad for her contribution and those who do what she does. And you know what…that’s fine. For as much as they have given, shared, and tolerated, we owe them our respect, gratitude, and understanding. Its good to know when to walk away from the game. (…but I can’t help wondering who might be next to do the same.)

These images were of interest to me in that they were done in conjunction with a project with another model. I’ve had a long interest in shooting women in their homes while relaxing or going about their affairs as if I were not present. This young anonymous model chose to pose for me since the shoot took place in her home which she shares with roommates. So we did a few images inside while she ate, relaxed in front of the TV, and then stepped outdoors into a tiki bar habitat where I photographer her as we conversed. I’d love to do it again.

And don’t you just love the quote up top by Charis. I still say you should buy the DVD, “Eloquent Nude: The Love and Legacy of Edward Weston and Charis Wilson“. There is simply no regret in that purchase.