Some of us cynics say that “the quickest way to make a million dollars in photography, is to start with two million dollars”. – Anonymous

There was much surrounding this shoot that it almost didn’t happen. Several unusual circumstances would have undone the average photographer and the ordinary model. But as fortune would have it, we both stuck this thing out and saw it through to completion. Tabitha is the model that I over-slept on and ended up missing the shoot for. So you can imagine how apologetic and appreciative I was that she even bothered to give me another chance. I would have bent over backwards for her and trust me, I inevitably did. I won’t go into much of the details due to the fact that I hold her confidence in regard and I see no need to divulge her business to the public domain. Suffice to say that when we did finally meet, I had every right to bail out and even wisdom may have dictated that I walk away. However this is one circumstance for which I chose to let curiosity reign and see just how deep this rabbit hole would take me. I’m glad I did.

The holiday season is upon us and I am most afraid to even leave the house now. Traffic is horrendous and the last thing you will see me doing is to drive anywhere near a mall, a Wal-Mart, or a Target. In fact, it is my sincere goal to avoid any retail establishment all together. Things get crazy during Christmas and the holidays. I couldn’t believe when I heard about the Wal-Mart security guy who was trampled to death during the Black Friday sale day after Thanksgiving. People can be stupid. The man lost his life because of a sale? Come on!

A good friend of mine chose to play a joke on me that took me hook, line, and sinker. The set up was perfect as I played into it perfectly. During a dinner/meeting with a few friends, we discussed some of our recent best shots, one of which was taken by my “good friend” here was posted online and I was the only one amongst the group who hadn’t seen it. It is at this point that my friend handed me his camera to check it out on the LCD screen. A few things began to roll the gears in my brain at this point. Since everyone else had seen the shot already, I felt a little guilty for not kept up online to have noticed. However instead of handing me the camera, I am given the entire camera bag. This is the first thing rolling my mental gear works. I’m wondering why he didn’t just take it out himself, find the pic and show me. So this must mean he wishes for me to scroll through all of his stuff before I see the shot of the century. Can you see how I play right into this?

The next thing I realize as I unzip the and grab onto the grip is the familiar hold I have. Stop a sec. Let me predicate this next part with the fact that this friend is die-hard Nikon and shoots with the D3 (oh yeah, please watch this funny video on the D3). I shoot Canon, so now you understand the bewilderment I feel that the body grip seems accustomed to my hand. I am drawn in to the fact that the camera feels like my EOS 40D and even looks similar to it because of the thumb wheel and controls. This is certainly not his D3 that he lugs around all the time. Upon closer examination, I notice that the left side of the camera has a vertical array of function buttons instead of the horizontal buttons on my 40D. Vertical buttons… okay, this must be his Nikon D700 that I know he purchased not long after its release a few months ago.

Now my brain is bewildered again because each time I think I solve a dilemma, another one presents itself. Just as I am resolving to believe this is the D700, I see the familiar red ring of a L-series lens, which is a Canon premium brand of lenses. It is at this point that I understand that nothing is as it seems and all my assumptions are incorrect. My friend is watching my face during this entire episode and becomes exceedingly giddy as he sees me turn the front of the camera around. I am sure I must have been viewing my next action in slow motion as I turn the front of camera around to put to rest all doubt on what I am holding. The shot of the day would have actually been my face as I come to terms with the fact that I am holding the one camera I am beset to have… the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. “Bastard” was the first thought that came to mind as I saw how happy my friend was at my expense. I didn’t know how to get back at him. Do I throw the camera across the restaurant or do I just run away with it? I had to concede the match to him and chose to do neither. He won that round. He had me take a few shots with it to really reel me in. Its a wonderful camera, but I already knew that. I know everything about this camera except what it feels like to be the owner of one. That’s okay. I can be patient. This is what I am suspending my nude art for. I want to purchase this camera with proceeds I earn from my 40D. Trust me…I’ll do it. And I’ll find a way to get my good ol’ buddy back on this.

Instead of a model, I think I’ll feature a Make Up Artist/Hair Dresser for this post. If you already live in Vegas or if you plan to visit and do some shooting, Debra Weite is your contact for all your MUA needs. I kid you not when I say the woman is good and knows her stuff. I first met her during a lighting seminar earlier this summer. She liked my photography and we clicked pretty well. I got an invite a few months later to attend Hair Wars where she and her styling salon took first place honors. You can easily come across a hundred photogs and models who will swear by Debra and she’s got a nice following. You can readily count me in that line. You’ll be a fan too once you meet her and let her do her thing for you. Trust me on this. Holla at my girl. Show her some love. She’ll give it back because she is the kind of person who delivers more than she promises or that you’d expect.

And lastly, I just had to share this YouTube video on the D3.