Good Morning all and Merry Christmas!

I sincerely hope you are all having an opportunity to spend time with family and true friends. I’ve tried my best to avoid all the hustle and bustle of the streets, but today I am going out to watch a few movies back to back, as is a tradition my family started back with the Lord of the Rings came out. Only this time, the kids are in Tennessee, their mother is in China, and of course, I am here in Las Vegas. So everyone is sort of split up, but me and the kids are going to try to see a movie at the same time, just 2000 miles apart. What’s the consideration… well, the front-runners are “The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons” and “The Spirit”.

I’ve got some unique challenges ahead for myself in 2009. In one sense I look forward to it, because its still unknown to me. On the other, well…as with any challenge, there is the risk you don’t succeed. But determination, tenacity, and intestinal fortitude are my traits and with the help of God, I just might be successful. I also came across a thread circulating on Model Mayhem as well as Art Nude Blog that there may be more stringent regulations ahead for those of us who work with the nude.

“This thread has been very timely as a way to get the word out to you all. Yesterday, 18 December 2008 will burn into your memory as well as give you heartburn. The US Department of Justice published the NEW REVISED 2257 REGULATIONS including the 2257A changes mandated by Congress for compliance with the Adam Walsh Act which established as 18 USC c:110 s:2257A A full analysis of this damn thing is not yet available BUT what is there will make your eyes water, and I guarantee it will. These NEW record keeping regulations extend a NEW recordkeeping requirement to a LOT of work involving mere nudity, and some with no actual nudity at all, presented in any way that can be interpreted as “lascivious exhibition of the genitals or public area” [even if covered] that is produced on or after March 18, 2009

Read and weep – – – SOURCE DOCUMENTS
text version at
PDF at

The actual text of the NEW regulations is on Pages 38 – 42 of the PDF – there are requirements that wll apply to this site and your own website, and any other uses, such as in print, published in or distributed in the United States. Studio36 (MM)

A very Merry Christmas to you all from the US Department of Justice “

At any rate, I don’t know how this thing will go down, but suffice to say, if it goes as is, its going to suck.

Well enough of issues that suck for the time being.

I’d much rather you have a joyous day, celebrating Christmas with loved ones. I sincerely hope you have a safe holiday and a more prosperous new year. Thank you all for being readers of my blog and for your support. I will continue to do my best to be even better.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.