Well, I hope everyone’s new year is at least getting off on a good foot. Mine has at least opened up with opportunities that have some potential. All they need is a little cultivation and some time. Hopefully it won’t be long til they each come to full bloom. I at the very least feel like I am making some headway into getting myself launched in the general direction I want to go. I’ve been giving some considerable time and thought to this.

So far this year has begun with me not having any pending projects on photos in the queue waiting to be processed. I’m caught up! I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m not behind. I’ve been giving a little more attention to my job hunt and thinking about what I want to do with my web site. I’m in need of some updates…a new look and a new feel. I need it to say that I am more than just my nude work. Then again, I am starting to think about putting together a whole new site for non-nude and more conventional photography. I could do that. I still need more content which showcases exactly what I can do and what I can specialize in. I already own another domain name so maybe that can be the way to go. At any rate, the goal is to retool everything in order to maximize my flexibility. I know I want to be able to promote myself as a shooter for whatever I think I can do and do well. At some point in the near future, I plan to narrow that scope significantly in order to specialize in 2 or 3 things. So for the time being…its increase and maximize revenue streams. After I get that down, I’ll then concentrate on those things that I am most successful doing. So we’ll see.

My roommate, Jeff is in the hospital. Without going into specifics, he’s been out of it since before the holidays started. By New Year’s he was hospitalized. Without much local family, I’ve had to do what I can to help take care of him. Felix and Summer also help as we go by to visit most every day and try to do what we can to make him comfortable while he’s down. It can’t be easy lying in bed for two weeks. I’d go nuts. Pray for a speedy recovery for him.

Film vs. Digital… how many times has this war of opinions been waged? I recently came across an article from imaginginfo.com, “Even Still, Kodak Clings to Film“. It was an interesting read about the commitment of Eastman Kodak to the ways of analog.

“You come back in 10 years, there will be a film business here,” said Joel T. Proegler, general manager of film capture and a vice president in Kodak’s film, photofinishing and entertainment group. “It’ll be smaller. Maybe there will be a bigger space between innovations.”

Now that’s a bold statement on a prediction a decade away. I’m under the impression they may have to re-evaluate in 3 years, but then who’s to say. Personally, I miss it. However without access to a darkroom, I’m less inclined to do a shoot and then hand over my film to a lab for processing. The darkroom is part of my love for film. I recently mentioned that a few posts ago regarding the Sally Mann DVD. But this commitment to film does indeed seem creditable or at the very least, I believe Kodak will try to remain faithful, hopefully not to their ruin. I recall a few months ago when they rolled out the Ektar 100. I bought a few rolls from Edda at B&C Camera. I still go there every Saturday morning to shoot the breeze with other photo comrades. I wanted to test it out and see what it can do. As of yet, I have not finished a roll of it and that was back in October. The problem is that I keep forgetting about it when I shoot. I bring it along and don’t realize til after I’m done that I didn’t get too many shots with it. And when I did shoot with it, out of habit, I’d inevitably try to view the shot on the “missing” LCD after every shutter release.

How much longer does film have? Especially since the higher megapixels are becoming cheaper. I almost liken film as I do with Evander Holyfield, who is still looking for that champion’s belt in boxing. He still puts on a good fight and a good show when he comes to fight once a year. But inevitably they end in his disappointment. You love the guy. You love, respect, and admire his heart. But inside, you wish he’d just stop fighting before he gets himself hurt. The Greatest of All Time, Muhammad Ali stayed in the ring to long. Kodak can end up doing the same thing. Granted they don’t have the company’s future tied to film, I wonder how investors feel about the company still diverting assets and resources to it.

And on a final note, I think I need to get back to shooting. I’ve been feeling a little uptight lately. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, Melissa. Coffee?