Maybe things will be settling back to normal pretty soon. I’m very hopeful, at any rate. My friend and roommate, Jeff is back home from about 11 weeks in the hospital. It’d be inappropriate for me to go into details, but the dude is back at home, trying to recover and gain his strength back. So welcome home, Jeff.

Photo work has been sort of sketchy as of late. I’ve still been shooting and editing, but I’ve not been posting much of my work on my online profiles or website. Part of that is cuz of Chris St. James’ fault. Because of his mentorship, I’ve got this thing with titles now. Since I haven’t been able to sit down title my shots and post them, they have been sitting on my hard drive waiting to receive a name. This goes way back to maybe a year ago when Chris first discovered me and took an interest in my work. He began to encourage me, mentor me, and be a friend. Well, one of the things he’d knock me on the head for was the lack of titles in my work. Since then, I think I’ve really grown from his help and I’ve cherished the relationship we’ve had over the course of, wait…I think its been closer to two years now.

I haven’t even kept up with many of the blogs that I normally follow daily. I still track Univers d’Artistes regularly. Unbearable Lightness has done a wonderful job at helping Chris. These are two people that I’ve cultivated relationships with, but have yet to actually meet. I consider both to be mentors and will be glad when I am totally back on track following my friends’ blogs and back to posting my own at my usual rate of twice a week. I haven’t even talked to my good friend, Dave Rudin in a while. I’m really out of touch. I don’t know what’s been going on with Iris Dassault, who’s like the model queen of this country. And I need to get back in touch with the happenings across the waters with my friends at Fluffytek.

I need to go on some interesting outings. I haven’t done that in a while. I think that was one of the attractors for a good part of my readership which was to hear about my adventures in the wild. Yeah, I need to get out more. The weather is starting to warm up and ice is melting off the mountains which means water falls and full streams again. This is what I do. I gotta get back out there. Whatever I do, I think I’d like to take some models out with me on a road trip or something. And speaking of which, I want to make sure I encourage you to utilize the services of the models I present on this blog and my website. If you’re planning to be in Vegas and feel like shooting, feel free to contact these girl’s links or even myself and plan something. Brittani from New Jersey is coming to reside in Vegas permanently next month. (Damn, I’ve still got to send her a disk! Sorry B.) I’m happy about that. I mentioned her in my last post along with several others. I’ve still yet to shoot with Marley. She’s waiting on a tattoo to heal up a little first. But you’ve also seen some of my mainstays like Faerie and Trixie who I shoot quite often and of course there are several more. I shoot with Lieara this weekend. Lorelei has taken off like a space shuttle. The Brittany II maintains her role as one of the most prolific models in Vegas. And then there is Sarah Jane…come on! Really, do I need to say more. All these different body types and looks. I’ve got like the Wal-Mart of models, here. And wait til you see my next posts of Melissa!

Gabriella is one of the models I’ve been shooting with who is very up and coming. This girl can be on the cover of any magazine by tomorrow. She’s different than the normal style of model I’ve been shooting because she’s very suitable for glamor work that you might find in Maxxim or even Playboy. I’ve always been doing the girl next door type to produce my artistic style of nudes, but with Gabriella, I’ve been exploring the more sensual, sexy, and even erotic style of the art nude. She’s hella fun to work with and is an instant boost to anybody’s port. I think I’m going to start highlighting models I work with on my posts. I don’t promote these girls enough and one of my initial objectives to starting my Las Vegas Art Models Group was to support art models. All of these girls are fabulous with great attitudes. For me, attitude is more important than they way they look. Gabriella is super sexy, but she comes with a willingness to work and gives you what you want and then some. You’re sure to walk away from her shoot with more than you bargained for. I like the girl. Gonna work with her some more. You will too, so give this artist of her trade a hollar. Isn’t she sweet? Tell her I sent ‘cha. We’ll both get cheese points!