You cannot believe in honor until you have achieved it. Better keep yourself clean and bright: you are the window through which you must see the world.

– George Bernard Shaw

I’m still wondering how to relate to the 2257 statute that went into effect this past month. I had a model ask me about it out of concern just this past week. She wasn’t at all happy about surrendering her personal info to just anybody and I can understand her point. Its one thing to show your driver’s licence to a photog so he can verify your age, but its something else to give him a copy of it for his records. She’s got to get a new licence since her’s has her social security number on it, which is strongly advisable. But such is the case if you wish to either continue in the artistic nude arena, be you model or photog.

My main issue, currently, is the place of record part of the business. If I want to comply, I need to have records on file with the scanned copies of model identification at some place which can be open to inspectors whenever they want to come check me out. Granted the rules states 20 hours out of the week, but the intent is to be available during regular business hours. Well, photogs don’t want to list home addresses on their sites and you know there is a cost factor involved when you use an off-premise site that can maintain your records for you. What I’d like to see is the art community come together and, 1.) Get this law repealed as unconstitutional or at least take the heat off of us artists who should have nothing to do with this. However 2.) if we have to comply, lets ban together and have a few central places that can keep our records for us without costing us so dog gone much every time we drop the shutter. I looked at one company and they charged you $35 for every record you kept, plus a yearly fee that I can’t immediately recall at the moment. Dang… can we not figure out something better for this?

I got to work with a new model a few weeks ago. Samantha is another one of those models who I’d like to see regularly posting on a blog. Its always been a thrill for me to read models who recant their adventures and experiences as model-slash-blogger. Having been a model myself, its always a welcomed opportunity to delve into the mind of the art nude model as she relates to us the goings-on of her day. Samantha is one of those who, while young, has opinions that warrant a closer look at her identification. You’d swear she was more experienced than her years suggest. In most cases, I identify with a model like on this level who is much more mature and can back up their opinions with actual time on the planet. I found myself in Samantha’s apartment listening to and questioning her insights and left there wondering what’s she’s already experienced so soon in her life that has brought her to ask some of the questions she asks or thinks about some of the things she contemplates. It was a refreshing conversation. Much of our preliminary shoot was spent capturing her in conversation with me.

And speaking of models who blog, I had the experience of dialoging with Groovacious K the other week. Now, if you hadn’t heard, you definitely better ask somebody. This lady’s got curves that can prove dangerous if you aren’t careful. I JUST missed her while she was in Vegas. I’ve seen her work in previous months, especially on deviantART, shot by photographer David Winge. I’ve been working on a series of dark curves lately so its so hard to ignore what she’s got to offer. AND she blogs on a regular basis with feeling. I mean, she really puts it out there. You can learn much from this girl. I’ve already picked up a few pointers from her that I am passing on to a friend. So not only is she gorgeous with a killer bod, but she’s articulate, smart, and willing to share with anybody who’s interested. That’s the kind of model who’s on my radar and I can’t wait til she back this way again.