I REALLy need to get better at my posting. I work a day shift now, like regular people but I’m putting in Omgosso hours. Two of the biggest differences I’ve noticed is that I can’t go to the movies like when I worked night shift. I’d hit a good show early in the morning while all the kids and the knuckle-heads are either in school or in bed cuz 11a.m. is still too early in the morning to be up. Now its like I have to wait til the evening shows, where you pay extra and have to watch with everyone else. I can still catch a Saturday matinee, but that’s what the bulk of everybody’s doing. I’ve grown accustomed to having the whole theater to myself or shared with less than 5 other people or families.

The biggest thing that I miss is the ability to shoot during the day like I used to. So far, I’ve had to cancel on 2 shoots that I would normally do during the day. These are with models who have kids and either need to be home later in the evenings for the family or who simply otherwise can’t do evenings. Jobs or other committments get in the way. So I don’t have any idea yet how I’ll adjust to all this. I do have a shoot this weekend sometime, so that’s a start. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come home and just needed to shoot somebody.

I’m going to leave you with images of Liera. I got to work with her again last month and she’s a girl of many colors…hair colors, that is. Check her out on Model Mayhem.

“Sun Kick” Model Lieara, Southern Nevada
“Spontaneous Stretch”, Model Lieara, my place
“On a Rock in the Wilderness”, Model Lieara, Southern Nevada
“A Cause for Concern”, Model Lieara, Southern Nevada