“Off into the Horizon”
Head Colds… awful stinking head colds. This isn’t anything like I had back in January, but its one of the more annoying kinds of things that really funk up your day. All the hacking and coughing, the chest congested head and chest…oh, please let me be done with it. I think I may be on the far side of it now. I’m doing the liquid Theraflu for Chest and Cold Congestion that seems to subside my coughs. I went and got some around midnight last night and I think its helping. I hate going to work feeling so drained and the last thing I want to do if start infecting other people. I know I had being around someone else who is sick and I am a firm believer of sending someone home rather than letting them continue to work, get worse, and then spread the disease around.

“Another traveler through Nipton”

So I’m going to stay in today even though its bright and sunny here in Las Vegas. Nice day for a hike. It occurred to me last night that I was supposed to have been going out doing just that with my good friend JKompare to explore some sites he’s recently visited. He’s a regular member of my Las Vegas Art Models Group and I’ve been slacking there as well. The photo part has really been successful but I’m still looking to get the figure drawing part of it up and running again. I have done nothing with it since last summer. I lost the venue where I hosted them and now need a new place AND I’ve got to get the people interested in it again to at least do an every other week session. I want to have a venue for models to work more than just once a month. My goal is to have 4 different sessions going between photography and figure drawing. Right now, photography once a month is it and even that’s been tough just recently. I’m trying to decide on whether or not to do a studio on May or another outdoor gig. I like outdoors. That’s my specialty.

“Fixtures at Denny’s”

Well, I thought I’d post some of my non-nude work this time. Lin says I don’t do it enough and I do want to be more than just a shooter of nekkid ladeez. Portraiture is the next thing in line that I love to shoot, but there’s still more that I do. So here is some of that.

“The Glory Days are Gone”