Find your niche and what you like, be professional, sometimes be patient and appreciate every memorable experience and great opportunity that comes at you.” Lorelei

I don’t know if you realize it or not, but you already know you can read me here on this blog, but did you know I am ALSO a co-editor for Chris’ Univers d’ Artistes blog? Didn’t know that did you? Okay, I may have already said it a couple of times here, but I’ll be helping out over there from time to time. Chris St. James is posting EVERYDAY and I know its got to be wearing out Unbearable Lightness trying to keep up. Chris is a freak-n machine. So, by request, I just did a post on Lorelei.
It turned out great as I did a 10 question interviewed with her. I loved her answers and not cuz she hyped me, but because you could tell she was speaking from her heart and that she really took the time to give me some good feedback. I’m not doing any copy-pasting or reprints over here, but you can click on the jump link over there and check it out. Actually, I will copy over one request she made:

“…visit and VOTE for your homegirl ! I’ll be in week 6 of voting April 27 through May 4th until noon, much love if you can vote for me everyday til then, just takes a few clicks and no typing. Thanks!”

Life is good. I’m working. Dave’s coming next month. My uncle is here for the weak. I’m happy. Yeah I still got a few issues to solve and things to work out, but that’ll be the deal til I’m dead. What I want are NEW problems. “Gee, where am I going to invest all this money and what charities should I contribute to this week?”. “Goodness, how am I going to find the time to shoot ALL these models I keep getting requests for?”. “Should I go with the lace-up Berlutis or the buckle-down Lobbs as I accept my Ig Nobel Prize for Art tonight?”. See what I mean…NEW PROBLEMS. Everybody should be working towards new problems rather than the elimination of problems in their lives all together.

I’ve been working on more of my non-nude images lately. I’ve taken several, but they sat on the proverbial shelf since I just couldn’t bring myself to do the edits. I had too many nude works to edit. Its cool going back over old work and trying to get back into the mindset you had when you released the shutter. I worked on a series of compositions I did while on my way back from Phoenix last year during my road trip with Felix and Summer. Remember that? This couple is a shot (above) I took while visiting the Phoenix Art Museum. They seemed like an interesting couple that I knew I wanted to photograph, but I didn’t want to harrass them. As it happened, they were leaving the same time we were and I got them in the parking lot. They were cool about it and flattered. Unfortunately, I was out of cards that day and can’t find their contact info. Damn it.

The other shots were of a stop we made on the way back by way of Vidal, California. Some of it was just junk. Actually, all of it was junk or stuff on abandoned properties. I still got a few good shots, but even then, it would have been nice to have somebody naked there.

I don’t know how long it has been out, but I just discovered Trunk Monkey. Oh, I LMAO!

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