This’ll be a quick one since I just noticed Blogger’s scheduled outage that’s coming up real soon.

So what’s new? I got to hang out with Dave Rudin again this past weekend. Dave is a big Star Trek fan. So am I, but I’m thinking Dave’s got every episode on a deluxe special edition DVD anniversary set. We did Star Trek at an IMAX theater on Friday, along with Model Melissa. Everything was cool. We got there early. We got our tickets early. But I guess pouring into the auditorium 40 minutes early wasn’t early enough. To get 3 seats together we had to make our way down to the 3rd row where in order to see the movie without neck strain, you’ve got to position yourself as if you are in the space shuttle as it sits on the launch pad for 2 and a half hours. I was all set to call it a wrap and try again on another night, but a lady comes ups as I say lets go and tells us that up close isn’t so bad. She says she’s experienced sitting close like that before and it was all good. Melissa and Dave look at me with renewed expectation, so how could I resist. For the record, the lady was wrong.

Felix just got back from his fishing trip to Kirch Wildlife Management Area, about 3 hours or so from here. He’s going back in a few weeks, so I think I’ll look into a trip with him. I wanted to go out and spend a day this past weekend there, but I ended up having to work and I really didn’t trust my car for a long trip. The transmission has been acting funny, so before I use it for anything other than the Las Vegas area, I gotta get it checked out. That may take a while cuz, I’m in need of saving up for the 5D Mark II. I need to have it for a wedding in July, so we’ll see. I know I need to pack up and head out sometime. I’m getting antsy for a good camping adventure.

I’ve also got a new goal for this month. Clean up and Organize. As it pertains to all my photo work, that is. I think I’m going to go through my pics and get rid of stuff I know I don’t want and do some editing on stuff that I always planned on coming back to but never did. I need to catch up on all my metadata labels for my old images and check my backup drives. Maintaining digital work isn’t all that easy. At least not for me. I’m always checking on new ways to organize and archive my work. I thought I’d bring back some of my original work with Trixie. Enjoy.