“I want people to understand the fact that I may be deaf, but that won’t stop me from fulfilling my dreams. I’m deaf, but I can do anything (except hear !).” – Stacey Scott

I recently got to pay homage to a model I hadn’t worked with in a long time. Stacey Scott was the first model I hired for my Las Vegas Art Models Group. I did an interview of her for Univers d’Artistes last week that I believe turned out well. Stacey is in New York now and is still kicking ass. I’ve been so impressed with her. She’s deaf and has never let that be a barrier or obstacle her her ambitions for modeling or being a success at whatever she wants to do. So JUMP on over and check out what Stacey has to say.

Since I’ve been working a real job now, I haven’t been out shooting much. I’ve had to focus on job transitions, new events in my personal life, and planning for upcoming events. Jeff is also back in the hospital. Its all been a thrill ride in some senses of the word. In others, its been downright nerve-wracking. But as one friend recently told me, there’s a sense of freedom that comes with it all and now the future is wide open. That’s exactly the way I feel right now. Life isn’t fair or unfair. Its just life and you can either make the best of it or not. Despite all my shortcommings, trails, and tribulations… I gotta say I’ve been truly blessed in my life.

I’ve still been going back through my old stuff and editing material that I didn’t complete as well as getting rid of stuff that I know ain’t going to be used. You’ll be seeing new graphics on both my website and my blog. I think I want to change things up every year or so. I’ve registered a new domain name so you might be seeing everything change to PhotoAnthems.com in the near future. I’ll be looking into a new logo design for it and will eventually change my web site and blog domains to reflect the new name and logo. (And to think I just got an order of about 1500 business cards last month.)

And finally, I’ve recently bought in with a travel company and now have my own web site where you can book travel. So far, I’ve had several people tell me they’ve found my travel fares either cheaper or equal to comparable sites. So if you need to book travel, hotels or vacation packages take a look at my Rovia site by clicking www.TerrellNeasley.Rovia.com/. Its the only way I’m traveling now. Even if its just for kicks, comparison shop and let me know what you find out. I’d be really interested to know how much of a savings my customers are averaging.