Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, Photo Anthems.com and Photo Anthems Blog are now in effect. I’ve been working to make all the changes and updates today. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as I’ve mentioned previously that I’d be doing this update at some point. If its not too much trouble, I’d like to ask everyone who has linked to me to change the link to Photo Anthems, as well. What is Photo Anthems? For starters, it was one of the last cool names available for use without having to buy it from somebody just sitting on it. So, since I did’t have a million dollars lying around, I had to leave Photography.com alone. I started to go with “www.thecoolestnudesyou’lleversee.com, but Marketing 101 says that’s just a few consonants too long. Photo Anthems was still sitting on the table, so I grabbed it. I thought of several names dealing with muses, art models, and a few others, but I do shoot more than just the nude, so I needed something that encompassed all my work. The name Anthem is just a beautiful word to me. I had long had it in my head to use it at some point. In hopes of being able to make a song out of my images, Photo Anthems was born.

One of the coolest things in the updating of all this is that its been a while since I’ve checked out the stats on my sites. Despite not blogging on the same 2wice a week schedule I was adhering to last year, my numbers are still way up. My state-side numbers now far supersede my European counts (mainly the UK, France, and  Germany). It wasn’t that significant of a difference before, but now, its about 10 times my European count combined. I hadn’t really looked into whether or not I’m losing my Euro-readers, or if my US readership has simply taken notice. More than likely its the latter. Most of my visits come from search engines, which brings me to some of the most surprising stats of all. Now you’d expect, searches for words and phrases like “best nudes on the planet”, artistic nudes, art models, model poses, etc, would bring traffic to me. But I was somewhat gagged to see some of the stuff that drew traffic. Granted, they were pretty much one time visits, per keyword, (instead of 100 people searching model poses), but there were bunches of them and I am hesitant to repeat them. Some people are just weird like that.

I thought we’d revisit Natalie. Its been a while since you’ve seen her.