These social networking sites are the new wave of communication amongst many in not only the US, but the world. Twitter has slid its foot in the door and forced its way in between Facebook and MySpace as the juggernauts of internet commo. It has grown faster than any thing we’ve seen before. This thing has become global in just 3 years. I hadn’t done the research behind it yet, but I’d certainly like to see how it is profit driven. Its a free service and there are no cluttering advertisements that float across the screen or use dancing figures in triplet to get our attention. To my understanding, one way they do this is to sell member information to 3rd parties. If you wikipedia Twitter, you’ll see its use in everything from education, politics, and even space missions. That’s right, astronauts were using Twitter to give updates on Hubble repairs! 

So let me ask those of you in the art community…How many of you models, photogs, and artists use Twitter regularly and how do you use it? I think I’ll post this on my devianART page as a poll question. Virtual Photography posted this article on 80 photographers you should be following on Twitter. also does this same thing…track photographers on Twitter. I jumped on a few months ago to see if I could get a feel for it. I’m definitely not an everyday…every second user. These constatn updates, sometimes called “microblogging” can be overkill for the regular Joe Smoe. Because of Chad Ochocinco, (wide-receiver of the Cincinnati Bengals), the NFL has banned twitting during the games. The NBA has done the same I believe. Right now, I tweet under Artnudephotog, but I just now created one for PhotoAnthems, as well. So take your collective asses on over there and start following me. Oh, and if you’ve not clicked on the button “Follow Me” on this blog, You’re Wrong! So get right on both accounts. 

You all know Stacey Scott, right. She was like my first model for my Las Vegas Art Models Group art nude photo workshop. Well in case you don’t recall, here’s the blog post on it. That first workshop was stressful as  hell, but we got it done and Stacey was great. Well, I got to shoot her later on in another Lighting Seminar that also went well. Stacey has since moved to New York were she got to compete in tryouts for America’s Next Top Model. I revisited some of the work we did and did some more edits to a few of her shots. At the time, I didn’t edit that many and she’s contacted me recently about some of our work together. So that’s what’s prompted this revisit. Is she not pretty? Chris St. James was totally smitten with her. I think she was also the first model I interviewed for his Univers ‘d Artistes blog. You can also see her new website here

And speaking of model interviews on that blog, I’ll be doing another one in the next few days on Trixie. She’s got a great story behind her and she’s not holding back anything. That’s why I love the girl. She tells it like it is.